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Sex and dating
Photograph: Time Out Singapore

What we know so far about Singaporeans from the Sex & Dating survey

You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals

Delfina Utomo
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Delfina Utomo

February is when we celebrate love but before we embrace it on Valentine's Day, we'd love to check in with our readers on our 2022 Sex & Dating Survey. Last week, we released the survey to find out more about romance in these times. Before we wrap up the campaign, here's what we found from the results so far – don't worry, everyone remains anonymous. 

Compared to our friends in Hong Kong, our female readers are dominating the survey so far and telling it all – come on, don't be shy guys, share with us some of your sexy secrets too. Singaporeans are also a playful (and independent) bunch – we've found out that 43 percent of those who have taken the survey use sex toys. 63 percent of the readers also were willing to reveal to us that you watch porn.

When it comes to dating, we're also into getting to know the other better before taking the next step. About 40 percent of the readers expect/have sex anywhere after six or more dates (or even wait till marriage) while 54 percent say that after two to five dates, they're ready to do the deed. And only 36 percent of you have had a one-night stand. 

What are the couples up to? In Hong Kong, those who settled into the bliss of couplehood prioritise date nights at least once a week to keep the romance flowing, while Singapore respondents only have date nights a couple of times a month. Step it up, lovebirds!

Find these statistics fascinating? Come do the survey if you haven't!

Survey closes February 21.

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