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Interview: ATTAGIRL!

Iliyas Ong counts himself lucky to meet the ladies of DJ collective ATTAGIRL! before they throw their biggest party yet


Paris Hilton isn’t a DJ. But the three ladies of ATTAGIRL! certainly are. Amanda Keisha Ang (A/K/A), Syaheedah Iskandar (Jaydah) and Serene Ong (DuriO) founded the DJ collective in 2013 to salute the fairer sex in art and music. They’ve been putting together parties with women at the forefront – there’s an ATTAGIRL! night every month at Wine Bar – but to celebrate their second anniversary in early June, the trio are pulling out all the stops.

Before you head over to the party, we quiz ATTAGIRL! about being queens of the decks.

'We’re all about having fun without ever taking our boobs out.'


My three biggest influences are Mala, Kahn and Om Unit. If you’re up for some gritty bass, the kind of stuff I play, open your mind and have a listen.

This EDM that’s trending now is turning everyone into a zombie. Because Steve Aoki and a bunch of other guys from the EDM elite will put in some hidden Illuminati messages in their setlists, and everyone will turn against one another. There’s not enough people to eat, the music will get louder, and music festivals will be made of zombies. And then, potato.

Come to the ATTAGIRL! party, where we’ll teach you boys how to respect your ladies, your mommas, your sisters and your future daughters. And as for the girls, we’re all about having fun without ever taking our boobs out.



My musical hero is Justin Bieber! Okay, just kidding. No one in particular, really. We discover new – or old – artists from time to time, all of them inspiring.

All kinds of music, except for rock, get me going. But if I had to pick one, I’d go for drum ’n’ bass.

Being a female DJ doesn’t mean I should dress like her [points at a lady wearing a skin-tight, low-cut dress]. Girls run the world because Beyoncé sings it.

Everyone should come to ATTAGIRL! parties because, girls, we run this motha’.


The best set I ever played was at the first ATTAGIRL! night we had at Art Bar. And the night with Darker than Wax and Good Times in March. I played my heart out and had tonnes of fun… and people fist-bumped me!

I think the EDM craze is kind of not as bad as it’s advertised. I’m pretty open-minded, but this EDM shizz to me is just a throwback of ’90s ah beng techno and Eurodance. It’s not my thing, but I can appreciate it to some degree. Don’t diss my music and I won’t diss yours.

EDM is also tainted with its connection to current youth clubbing culture: drugs, more drugs, getting horrendously drunk, horrible dance moves… Seriously, guys, this ‘eh, wah!’ thing should be banned.

Girls run the world because guys can’t make babies alone. But life isn’t fun without a few guys around.