Iconic Asian dishes you need to try in Singapore

Sweet, sour, salty, spicy – these Asian dishes are festivals of flavour
Sawadee Thai
By Michelle Ng |

Tingle your taste buds with familiar Asian flavours and new taste extravaganzas at these local restaurants and hawker stalls.

Comida Fiesta
Photo: Ahmad Iskandar Photography
Restaurants, Filipino


icon-location-pin Tampines

Sizzling pork sisig at Comida Fiesta

The main ingredient in this classic Filipino dish is chopped pig’s head – with the ears, jowl, snout and tongue all mixed with chicken liver, creating a rich pork-based taste sensation. It comes topped with a fried egg on a sizzling hot plate. $12

Restaurants, Indian


icon-location-pin Rochor

Vegetarian biryani set at Ananda Bhavan

One of the city’s oldest restaurants – opening in 1924 – this Little India spot is a master at serving up traditional Indian vegetarian dishes. The colours, spices and curry varieties have been the talk of the town for almost 100 years. If you’re a biryani fan, you’ve just found your new home. $8



icon-location-pin Rochor

Lamb adana at Artichoke

Be transported to Istanbul when you bite into this juicy adana kebab. The ground lamb meat that’s been grilled over burning coals is fragrant and rich, especially when it’s combined with creamy pistachio yoghurt and fresh mint. $28

Inle Myanmar Restaurant
Photo: Ahmad Iskandar Photography
Restaurants, Fusion


icon-location-pin City Hall

Lahpet thoke at Inle Myanmar

Tea isn’t just for drinking – in Myanmar, green tea leaves are fermented and eaten as salads. And few renditions of lahpet thoke come better than Inle Myanmar’s. Soft tea leaves, crunchy vegetables, roasted beans, toasted sesame seeds, garlic and fish sauce combine in harmony. $7.50

Restaurants, Japanese


icon-location-pin Orchard

Chirashi at Sushi Kimura

We’re hardly short on Japanese grub in Singapore. But Sushi Kimura is on another level. No detail is too small, from the shari to the fish that it flies in four times a week. From $80. Only available during lunch


Rasa Raja Bojun
Photo: Ahmad Iskandar Photography
Restaurants, Sri Lankan

Sri Lanka

icon-location-pin Rochor

Rice and curry at Rasa Raja Bojun

Welcome to the only Sri Lankan hawker stall in Singapore. Tucked in the Tekka Centre maze, this venue has been serving up curries for a decade. The selection is grand: we suggest you top your rice with a coriander-based gotukola salad, a sweet mango curry and vegetarian dal. From $5.50

Long Phung
Photo: Ahmad Iskandar Photography
Restaurants, Vietnamese


icon-location-pin Geylang

Pho tai at Long Phung

There are a few stellar Vietnamese eateries in town that boast recipes handed down through generations. But Long Phung reigns king due to its authentic beef pho that champions quality meat and a herby broth. $7

Restaurants, Thai


icon-location-pin Rochor

Khao Neow Ma Muang at Sawadee Thai

Otherwise known as mango sticky rice, this deceptively simple Thai dessert comprises glutinous rice, fresh mango and coconut milk. Sawadee Thai serves its version with coconut ice cream and butterfly pea flower rice topped with roasted mung beans. This beauty hits all the right sweet and savoury notes. $7

Gurkha Palace
Photo: Ahmad Iskandar Photography
Restaurants, Nepali


icon-location-pin Rochor

Momos at Gurkha Palace

They may resemble potstickers or Japanese gyozas, but this traditional Nepalese version of steamed dumplings is a delicacy in its own right. These momos from Gurkha Palace are filled with minced chicken meat – but can easily be made vegetarian. $7.50-$7.90

Restaurants, Korean


icon-location-pin Raffles Place

Bibimbap at E!ght Korean Restaurant

Customise your own Korean ‘mixed rice’ here with vegetables, bean sprouts, kimchi and a protein – there’s chicken, pork or beef bulgogi to add. Served in a heated stone bowl, the famous K-dish must be mixed with copious amounts of gochujang, a sweet and savoury red chilli paste. $10.90

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