Iconic dishes from the Americas you need to try in Singapore

Journey from North to South America with these tantalising dishes
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By Megan Sim |

A gastronomic trip to the Americas takes a minimum of 24 hours. Stay here and it’s a Grab ride and a few spare dollars away.

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icon-location-pin Sentosa

Lamb from Panamericana

Beef may be the backbone of Argentinian cuisine but thanks to heavy Patagonian influences, lamb has also become integral to the culture. Generously rubbed with a rosemary and thyme glaze, the Argentinian-style lamb from new restaurant Panamericana features tender slices grilled on an authentic asador. From $45

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icon-location-pin Raffles Place

Tacos from Super Loco

Singapore is home to an array of Mexican joints but Super Loco tops the pile because of its flavour-packed tacos. Go for the fish tacos that are stuffed with a sizeable piece of fish, a pile of slaw and a zesty chipotle mango salsa. Slap on some ghost chilli sauce for an added kick. $10

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icon-location-pin Raffles Place

Lamb empanadas from Vasco

Trade in your usual curry puff for a Chilean empanada instead. Crossing cultural boundaries, this pastry originated in Spain but later became the national dish of Chile. Vasco’s version is stuffed with slow-cooked lamb, paprika, cumin and Yukon Gold potatoes encased in flaky housemade pastry. $14

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Costa Rica

icon-location-pin Raffles Place

Arroz con mariscos from Mamacitas

Arroz con mariscos is a lesser-known Costa Rican relative of the Spanish paella, using more tomato than saffron for flavour. The Mamacitas hawker stall in Lau Pa Sat is an affordable way to try this power-packed dish even if it might not be the most authentic rendition. $7.90

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icon-location-pin Marina Bay

Chicken ‘n’ watermelon ‘n’ waffles from The Bird Southern Table & Bar

When it comes to classic American comfort food, there’s no duo more iconic than chicken and waffles. Try it at The Bird, where crisp fried chicken is piled atop cheddar waffles complemented with spiced watermelon and a hefty drizzle of bourbon-infused maple syrup. $45

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icon-location-pin Chinatown

Tribajam goat curry from Lime House

In the neighbouring islands of Bonaire and Aruba, this hearty stew-like dish is a national treasure. Closer to home, Lime House’s Tribijam goat curry has us obsessed. The dish packs a punch with its impressive array of spices and oh-so-tender meat. $26

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icon-location-pin Bukit Timah

Picanha barbecued beef from Brazil Churrasco

Indulge in an array of Brazilian barbecued meat at Singapore’s veteran churrascaria. The lively restaurant boasts 14 different Brazilian-style cuts, with the picanha – top prime sirloin cap – proving to be the perennial favourite. Hunks of well-marinated meat are skewered, slow-roasted over a charcoal grill and tenderly carved on to your plate by knife-wielding waiters. From $45

El Cubanos
Photo: Ahmad Iskandar Photography
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icon-location-pin Rochor

Pulled beef brisket cubano from El Cubanos

The cubano has long established itself as a lunch staple for the Cuban workingman and has recently gained international appeal among people sick of sandwiches from 7-Eleven. For a sampling of the iconic sarnie, head over to El Cubanos, where this warm panini boasts beef that’s been slow-cooked for six hours.

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icon-location-pin Raffles Place

Poutine ‘Eh’ from Cook & Brew

A plate of poutine is one hot artery-clogging mess we love. Cook & Brew’s version comes with golden-brown French fries topped with gooey cheese curds and pulled pork doused in Strongbow cider gravy. $16

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icon-location-pin Rochor

Ceviche from Tono Cevicheria

Ceviche can be traced back to Peru’s colonial days and has since become the country’s national dish. Tono’s version is served with a medley of raw fish and fried baby calamari dressed in smoked aji amarillo tiger’s milk – a winning combination we’d constantly return for. $28

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