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Find me a date: Fiona and Gamal

We set Fiona and Gamal, two self-professed foodies, up on a blind date. Find out how this epicurean adventure went

Find me a date: Fiona and Gamal
Photo: Ahmad Iskandar Photography
By Nicole-Marie Ng |

Activity one: Lunch at Meatsmith Little India

It. Was. Amazing. Ahh, the food was so good it deserves a five out of five and all the accolades it can possibly get. I had the lamb chops. They were so tender. We also had the snack platter, Bombay naan and biryani-stuffed suckling pig. All excellent. The bartender, James, really knows his drinks too and made some awesome recommendations. – Gamal

First impression

Fiona: “I thought he was extremely sweet. The first time I saw him, he was screaming my name from the balcony because I couldn’t find the place and was walking around looking lost. It was like reverse Romeo and Juliet because he was the one at the balcony and I was the one looking up from below.”

Gamal: “She was really lovely and seemed confident in herself. She was a lot of fun – we laughed a lot and got along really well.”

Activity two: Shopping at Mustafa Centre

“We were given $50 and told to buy something for each other from Mustafa. I thought it was a very funny and random idea. It forced us to get to know each other a lot more – I found out that Gamal loves English tea, big mugs and Tupperware. We also got two movies, Bad Boys and a Tom and Jerry cartoon, some purple fairy lights because that’s my favourite colour and a Merlion souvenir. There was a guy at Mustafa promoting Uber and he asked Gamal if I was the love of his life – I replied ‘yeah I am!’ while Gamal said ‘err, not yet, we just met’. That would have been very awkward if the two of us didn’t have any chemistry.” – Fiona


Fiona: “He was easy to talk to and we clicked right away. We had a similar sense of humour and it wasn’t hard explaining my jokes. But he’s not necessarily my type – if I’d saw him on the street or in a club I wouldn’t have thought of approaching him.”

Gamal: “Yeah there was chemistry. We got on right from the start. We could have stayed at the first spot for a long time – the conversation flowed easily and there were no awkward moments.”

Awkward moment

Fiona: “No! I do feel bad because I was hungover and extremely tired. By the end of the day I wasn’t really talking much.”

Gamal: “She was late because she was lost so I had to call her name from the upstairs window. She didn’t know where the noise was coming from so that was pretty awkward.”

Activity three: Wine tasting at 13% Gastro Wine

“The restaurant had a casual vibe but also served very good wine. Usually when you go to a wine bar, you have to dress up but there’s no pretence here. The manager, Lucas, is also very knowledgeable about the different types of wine and how they’re made.” – Gamal


Fiona: “We both had to leave because we had other plans at night. I don’t know if we would have done something after if we didn’t. We will probably do something soon. Maybe we’ll watch the DVD of Bad Boys that we bought at Mustafa because he loves the movie but I’ve never seen it.”

Gamal: “I had to go to my friend’s house party and Fiona had comedy night with her sister so we just traded numbers. We’ve messaged and maybe we’ll have a second date. We’ll see how goes.”


Fiona: ♥♥♥ “I had a good time. He was interesting and the conversation flowed. I didn’t give him a five because he’s not my usual type but because we got along so well it doesn’t really matter.”

Gamal: ♥♥♥♥ “I’d give the date four hearts but Fiona five hearts. I was quite tired and it was a long date but Fiona was a lovely girl and we got along well. I’ve got nothing bad to say about her.”


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