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Find me a date
Photograph: Jasmine Ho

Find me a date: Jasmine and Tyler

These city kids ditched Tinder and let us play matchmaker. Here’s a blow-by-blow account of their blind date...

Delfina Utomo
Written by
Delfina Utomo

Why I'm single 

Tyler: “I tend to throw in the towel really easily whenever the relationship hits the rock, instead of addressing the problem. I’m still learning how to communicate better, learning to compromise, and learning to be vulnerable. Also, I’m picky and don’t have a strong need to settle.”

Jasmine: “I've been spending the last few years focusing on myself and the people around me.”

Ideal date

Tyler: “A simple dinner is good enough as long as you’re able to vibe with the other person.”

Jasmine: “Preferably filled with lots of beers and keep it coming.”

The Zoom date

Our daters had a meal via Zoom (it’s the first time for all parties including us) with meals delivered from The Feather Blade

First impression

Tyler: “Pretty cool and laid back. Plus points to anyone who owns a cat because people who are kind to animals are… kind.”

Jasmine: “Tyler was really funny and nice!”


Tyler: “There were common topics of interests that’s about it. Unifying topic was Covid-19 and we just talked about what we missed doing before lockdown.”

Jasmine: “I didn’t think there was any chemistry but we did talk quite a fair bit about many different things.”

Awkward moment  

Tyler: “My Wi-Fi wasn’t strong so I froze out a couple of times when trying to reply. Quite similar to real life I guess. Just joking.”

Jasmine: “Not really, although silence can be a bit more prominent in an online date.”


Tyler: ♥♥♥ “Felt a little self-conscious and guilty after because I might have talked about myself too much. Probably need better Wi-Fi so the connection is better (a joke), but seriously I need a new router. Also happy with myself that I didn’t make any inappropriate jokes.”

Jasmine: ♥♥♥♥ “It's always nice to meet different types of people, and in a setting I’m totally comfortable in.”

Online dating the new normal?

Tyler: “I didn’t like that I couldn’t try the other person’s food and that I had to go get my own water because there was no waiter. Other than that it was a pretty unique experience – like Tinder on Zoom except you don’t get catfished. I would still go back to face-to-face dates when all this is over.”

Jasmine: “I love that it's very casual and you can wear pyjamas and surf the net at the same time. Though in order to keep the conversation going, you've got to put in extra effort. Another good thing is that you also get to have your pet cat beside you.”

The Feather Blade

  • Restaurants
  • Steakhouse
  • Tanjong Pagar


Tyler: "I had the burger with a side of creamy spinach. The patty was really good and it was already cut into half so it was easy to eat. The buns also had really thick grill-lines which looked super enticing."

Jasmine: "I had the Feather Blade Steak and Spinach side, both were really good and the steak was juicy and tasty."


Tyler: "I was drinking coconut water because I’m pretentious and yes I hate myself for it."

Jasmine: "I had a whiskey soda on the side, whiskey is always good!" 

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