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Find me a date: Jon and Lestari

These city kids need our help to find a date. We pair them up to see if sparks fly

Find me a date
By Natasha Hong |

The date: cocktails and dinner at Sugarhall.

First impression

Jon: ‘She wasn’t there when I got to the bar. When she arrived, we shook hands and said the usual hellos. She has a nice smile.’
Lestari: ‘I thought he was built – not a bad thing – but I wasn’t expecting that. He was there before me, which was easier, because you don’t feel like you’ve been stood up.’


Jon: ‘We settled into conversation pretty easily. I found her funny and a good conversationalist. We chatted about music, religion and made fun of cafés.’
Lestari: ‘There was no chemistry; it was like talking to a guy friend. We share the same views about cafés, which is cool, but it felt more like a bro connection.’

Awkward Moment

Jon: ‘None, actually. The conversation went really smoothly.’
Lestari: ‘In a restaurant, you can eat when you’ve nothing to say. It got a bit weird when a friend walked by, gave me the thumbs up and made awkward dad faces at me.’


Jon: ‘We left the bar and walked back to her office, where we parted ways. We didn’t exchange numbers, but I might ask for it from my sister – she’s a friend of Lestari’s.’
Lestari: ‘There was a moment we didn’t know what to do next – it felt a little strange. We decided on going back to my office to drop off stuff, and we parted ways after.’


Jon: ♥♥♥♥ ‘It went better than I expected. She kept the conversation flowing. She’s cool – I wouldn’t mind seeing her again as a friend.’
Lestari: ♥♥♥ ‘It didn’t feel like a date, more like hanging out with a friend. It’s no fault of his, though – he’s just not my type.’

Bars and pubs

What they thought about Sugarhall

icon-location-pin Tanjong Pagar
The atmosphere
‘It’s really nice – I love the music, I like the vibe of the place. I think it’s a good date spot, just a bit on the pricey side.’ – Lestari

The food
‘The steak ($26) was medium rare, juicy and reasonably priced. It was my first time having chimichurri and it works with the steak.’ – Jon

The drinks
‘The menu might intimidate, especially if you don’t know cocktails. I like my Sugarhall daiquiri ($22) – it was well balanced and wasn’t full of weird stuff.’ – Lestari

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