Find me a date: Lawrence and Anne

These city kids ditched Tinder and let us play matchmaker. Here’s a blow-by-blow of their blind date

The date: our daters had a meal at ODP.

First impression

Anne: 'He's pretty alternative and looks cool: lean with a yuppie vibe. I didn't get the pairing at first; he's not the type I've been out with. As we spoke, I began to understand. He's pleasant on the eye.'

Lawrence: 'She's tall and pretty. I wasn't expecting much before getting there actually. I joined for a laugh and was pleasantly surprised when you guys called.'


Anne: 'He's done a lot for a person of his age – I'm a goal-focused person, and I plan and chart my way towards that. We connected on that level. I also said something like I have a lot of activities in my life and I'd like someone to keep up with me, and he said something similar. There was an attraction on a deeper level. I think that's what kept the conversation going.'

Lawrence: 'There's something here – I think we have great chemistry as friends, and there's potential for this to become more than that. She said she's driven and wants to strive to be the best at whatever she does. I don't think couples have to do everything together, but if one wants to pursue his or her adrenaline dreams, and the other prefers to spend a lot of time at home, there might be a mismatch. She's a good mix of both, and that's what I'm looking for in a partner.'

Awkward moments

Anne: 'Everything just flowed.'

Lawrence: 'No. I was quite comfortable speaking to her.'


Anne: 'After dinner, he asked if I was in a rush to get home and I said no. He suggested getting a coffee somewhere else, and we walked through the neighbourhood with him telling me where he has his breakfast on Sundays. We found a place that was open and had a drink ’til midnight. We’ve been texting since.'

Lawrence: 'We chatted some more – I had a coffee, she had a beer – and then before we parted, I asked for her number because I wanted to see where this could go. We met again the evening after, and we're hanging out again over the weekend.'


Anne:  'Even if things don't become romantic, he's a very fun person to know. He's intellectually stimulating, and I found myself not looking at my watch even though I have a habit of doing so. His zest for life, what he does for work, and his approach to life outside of work is very well balanced. I've never met someone who's done so much more than me.'

Lawrence: 'It's hard for me to rate this because the date felt really comfortable. Even if things don't work out, we can be great friends. But if things do, I think we'd be great together as a couple.'

Open Door Policy

The atmosphere

'I liked the decor, and love seeing projects done in old shophouses. I liked how the kitchen is in front so you can watch the chefs work.' – Lawrence

The food

'The kale broth ($18) with the quail's egg tasted so good – I like to eat healthy, and I wouldn't have thought of cooking it this way. The crispy kale even kept its crunch even after it sat in the soup for awhile.' – Lawrence

The drinks

'I liked both our cocktails (a grapefruit julep). I wish the alcohol was stronger, but they were well balanced.' – Anne 

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