Find me a date: Subeer and Shikin

These city kids ditched Tinder and let us play matchmaker. Here’s a blow-by-blow of their blind date
Find me a date: Subeer and Shikin
By Michelle Ng |

The date: our daters had a meal at Open Farm Community

First impression

Shikin: 'He looked rather calm and I couldn’t tell if he was nervous or excited, which got me wondering what’s on his mind. I guess he’s kinda cool.'

Subeer: 'She came across as a very warm person and she reached out for a hug first. I was struck by two things – her sense of humour and her down-to-earth nature.'


Shikin: 'He’s someone I can talk to about anything once we got the ball rolling. But I don’t think I’ll go on a second date with him.'

Subeer: 'I would like to think that there was a certain amount of chemistry. It was easy to get conversation flowing and we could talk about a wide range of topics.'

Awkward moment

Shikin: 'There were times when the conversation was dying but then I’d think of something quick to fill up the silence.'

Subeer: 'If there were, they were brushed over quite quickly. She didn’t make it seem so awkward so I’m appreciative of that.'


Shikin: 'After dinner, we looked around the garden and chatted a little with the waitress about the restaurant’s concept. We caught the last train home.'

Subeer: 'Besides exploring the farm, we had a turn at the playground in the compound. We then walked through Botanic Gardens before bidding goodbye at the MRT station.'


Shikin: ♥♥♥ 'There weren’t sparks but I would say I made a new friend through this experience.'

Subeer: ♥♥♥♥ 'Overall, it was a good night. I’ll leave the blank heart for her to shade in.'

Open Farm Community, OFC
Photo: OFC
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Open Farm Community

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The atmosphere

'I really liked the ambience of the restaurant. It’s very suited for a first date and for any occasion that requires a cosy setting, really. Great that there’s a farm lit with fairy lights, too.' – Subeer

The food

'I liked how my risotto with ebi and cuttlefish ($30) was plated – it looked really vibrant and was garnished with herbs and flower petals.' – Shikin

The drinks

'I had the pimms and he had the gin (both $20) with our meal. In total, we had about six drinks.’.' – Shikin 

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