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Find me a date: Terry and Natasha

These city kids ditched Tinder and let us play matchmaker. Here’s a blow-by-blow of their blind date

Find me a date - Terry and Natasha

The date: our daters had a meal at Mitzo

First Impression

Natasha: ‘He has the “I just came from an art exhibition at Gillman Barracks” vibe. Man bun + facial hair + tote bag = hipster.’

Terry: ‘I was scared because I was late and she might be upset. But she was nice and easy to have a conversation with.’


Natasha: ‘We had lots to talk about because we work in the same industry. But more like “kaki lang” rather than “sexy lang”.’

Terry: ‘We clicked well and had a lot of similarities but the conversation wasn’t interesting. To be honest, if you ask me now what we talked about, I can’t even remember. We were laughing quite a bit over dinner but got tired towards the end of the night.’

Awkward moment

Natasha‘A little bit. There were a few pauses, but nothing too bad.’ 

Terry: ‘She thought I was affluent because I was from ACS. It’s a stereotype, but I had to emphasise that not all AC guys are like that.’


Natasha: ‘We walked to Abercrombie and Fitch afterwards. I used to work there, so we chatted about that for a bit before going our separate ways.’

Terry: ‘During dinner, she asked me if I’m a smoker and I said yes. Luckily she’s one, too, so we had a cigarette and parted ways.’


Natasha: ♥♥♥ ‘It was more friendly than anything; he was very chill and easy to talk to. We didn’t have a romantic spark.’

Terry: ♥♥♥ ‘Maybe we could hang out again in the future but I didn’t make the move to get her number. I don’t take hints so I’m a bit thick in that way.’

Restaurants, Cantonese


The atmosphere

‘The bar really caught my eye. There’s an aquarium with jellyfish in it – not something you come across often in restaurants.' – Terry

The food

‘The food was amazing, but we got so full and couldn’t finish the last few courses. I especially like the double-boiled soup.’ – Natasha

The drinks

‘The bar was very extensive, but the both of us like to stick to the classics. She had a gin and tonic and I had a Macallan with soda.’ – Terry

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