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How to choose the perfect bouquet of flowers

No, not all flowers are created equal. We show you how to pick the right bouquet for your special someone

Written by
Benita Lee

For the social butterfly

If she… has charisma oozing from her (concealed) pores, brings the fun to the party, and fills your calendar with a whirlwind of activities.

Go for… seasonal blooms to show how much you appreciate all the new and exciting things she brings. After all, she's the one who has turned your life into a rom-com.

Like… Baccarat roses and pink spray roses pair well, so you can't go wrong with those. Toss in bushes of spirea and a sprinkling of fresh chrysanthemums to add vibrance and colour – 'cause without her, your life would be monochrome. Sure, you can have that line on us.

From $115 for a bespoke bouquet at Shop Wonderland.

For the romantic dreamer

If she… fawns over lace and light, pens love songs with her acoustic guitar, and keeps a Tumblr full of Ryan Gosling portraits.

Go for… a lovely arrangement of soft pastels or shades of pink. Don’t forget to spin an 'awww'-inducing speech of what your bouquet represents – perhaps a marathon of classic screwball comedies like It Happened One Night for inspiration?

Like… pink hydrangeas, spray roses and Peruvian lilies. Add a little succulent into the mix and declare that those hardy stems symbolise your everlasting commitment to her. #truelove

From $50 for a custom bouquet at Fleuriste. 


For the vivacious girl-next-door

If she… sees the bright side in everything, prefers laugh-out-loud comedies to tragic dramas, and is just as comfortable chilling out at your 'downstairs kopitiam' as she is dressing up for your buddy's atas birthday bash.

Go for… a sprightly bouquet of multi-coloured and cheery blooms to complement her bubbly, down-to-earth personality. And serenade her while you're at it. 'Cause flowers this beautiful deserve to be presented in style.

Like… the brilliant tones of ranunculus, which has delicate petals that fold in like pretty origami, nestled among daisies and roses.

From $105 at Poppy Flora Studio.

For the globe-trotting voyager

If she… loves Mother Nature, constantly updates her bucket list of adventures, and creates scrapbooks filled with snapshots of her travels and tales of people she's met along the way.

Go for… an eclectic mix of blooms – she's already been to the most famous flower fields – with elements that bring to mind her most memorable outdoor escapes.

Like… Green Tricks. These lush, grassy spheres are a subtle reference to her favourite countryside town. Throw in a green succulent for variety, then sweeten things up with blue hydrangeas and white eustomas.

The Adventurous, $80 at Fleuriste.


For the artsy free spirit

If she… lives in the moment, dabbles in arts and craft, and conjures up unusual hangouts for all your dates.

Go for… a wild mingle of bold and exotic blossoms that’ll inspire her to whip out a paintbrush and canvas. Think along the lines of strange and unexpected – you want to be her muse, not douse her creativity.

Like… Kenyan roses and Peruvian lilies snuggled next to eustomas and wax flowers enveloped in burlap and twine.

From $195 at The Bloom Room.  

For the fabulous fashionista

If she… spends hours flipping through fashion bibles, has an uncanny ability to pick out the coolest shops in any neighbourhood, and never fails to put together an outfit that's immaculately sophisticated.                   

Go for… feminine florals with textured elements for a clean yet edgy look. Remember to pick hues that can easily match any outfit, so they won't look out of place on her Instagram feed (admit it, you're gonna be the one shooting her V-Day #ootd). 

Like… an exquisite arrangement of matthiola, viburnum, amaranth and hydrangeas, with stalks of scented eucalyptus populous for an evergreen look.

$250 at One Olive.

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