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Modest Minerals
Photograph: Modest Minerals

The best wellness gifts for Christmas

2020 was tough on everyone, treat a loved one to something that will soothe their mind, body and soul

By Cheryl Sekkappan and Fabian Loo

What a rollercoaster this year's been. Now that 2020 is coming to a close, it's time to step on the brakes and give ourselves the rest and relaxation we deserve. Give the gift of wellness to your loved ones to congratulate them for making it this far and to fortify them for the year ahead. The items we've picked out are easily incorporated into any self-care routine, promoting calm, relaxation and good vibes all around. 

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Modest Minerals
Photograph: Modest Minerals

The Everyday Ring ($22)

From Modest Minerals

For those looking to start the new year with positivity and renewed energy, consider these chic, minimalist rings from Modest Minerals. The homegrown online store focuses on creating gorgeous, minimalist gemstone jewelry that can easily be integrated into every wardrobe without looking gaudy. The main highlight: a versatile arm candy, The Everyday Ring, that comes studded with precious stones that range from lapis lazuli, the stone of wisdom and enlightenment; to amethyst, perfect for repelling negative vibes while attracting positive energy. Made with a stainless steel body, each ring is adjustable to fit any finger, and is sturdy enough for everyday wear.

Photograph: Revive&Co

Grit Unisex Shirt ($35)

From Revive&Co

More than just another local athleisure label, Revive&Co hopes to inspire a healthier lifestyle by championing mental wellness, and spreading inspirational stories of everyday people overcoming adversity through exercise on its social media platform. It helps that the store comes well-stocked with a range of versatile pieces that include bra tops and tights. The Grit Unisex Shirt, in particular, makes for a great addition to any gym bags, and can also be worn as a casual top. 

Photograph: Aesop

The Seasoned Wayfarer ($130)

From Aesop

When it comes to profound and beautiful gifts for the season, Aesop's offerings never disappoints. The Seasoned Wayfarer contains the floral and smoky scented Istros Aromatique room spray, the cult favourite Post-Poo Drops and the bright and citrus-y Resurrection Aromatique hand wash. The Aesop essentials are packaged in a recycled paper pulp case, and also included in the gift set is a booklet of stories by Rabindranath Tagore. It is a cult classic anyone would be proud to be gifted this festive season.

Gua Sha Rose Quartz
Photograph: @herbivorebotanicals/Instagram

Gua Sha Rose Quartz ($27)

From Herbivore Botanicals via Sephora

Gift the gift of taut, glowing skin and stress relief with the gua sha rose quartz tool from Herbivore Botanicals. Based on the traditional Chinese theory of meridians, in gua sha, the skin is lightly scraped (gua) to produce a red, rash-like appearance (sha). You don't have to be as intense when using this tool though. Just start from the centre of the face and roll it firmly outwards in all directions daily to contour the face, release muscle tension, and refresh and revitalise. 

Fizzicle Kombucha
Photograph: Fizzicle Kombucha

Inside and Outside Gift Set ($59)

From Fizzicle Kombucha

Beer's healthier twin – that's kombucha. The Inside and Outside Gift Set taps on its probiotic and antioxidant-rich properties to give your giftee a perfect cleanse. Benefits include detoxification, digestion, improved mood and joint health. Besides eight bottles of Fizzicle Kombucha's best-selling kombuchas, this gift box also comes with a roll of quirky black-coloured toilet roll and a candy cane mojitos hand sanitiser by Super Duper.

Photograph: Airfree

Airfree P series air purifier (from $299)

From Airfree

One of the best things you can give this Christmas is the gift of pure, clean air. Breathe easy with the nifty environmentally friendly air purifiers from Airfree. Small, lightweight and quiet but super effective, you definitely want to keep this little gadget around the house. The minimalist-looking Airfree P series is a strong, silent type – the air purifier destroys up to 99.99 percent of mould, dust mite allergens, viruses, pollen and all the nasty bits that lay dormant around the house. The filterless technology also means that there will be no extra costs with replacement filters. Because it is so silent and uses about the same energy as a house fan, Airfree air purifiers are good to work all day – and night as you sleep.

Time Out Singapore in partnership with FJ Benjamin.

A.muse Projects
Photograph: @amuseprojects/Instagram

Isle of Calm Tea Salt Scrub ($43)

From A.muse Projects

Just the name of this salt scrub puts us at ease. The Isle of Calm tea salt scrub combines what A.muse Projects does best – tea – with a concoction of pink Himalayan sea salt, argan oil and essential oils that can be applied to the skin for a cleansing and moisturising exfoliation. Thanks to botanicals like chamomile and lavender, this salt scrub also provides additional calming benefits so that both mind and soul are nourished.  

Photograph: Boxgreen/ Facebook

Jingle Juice and Snack Gift Set ($60)

From Boxgreen

Healthy snacks don't have to be boring or bland. Boxgreen certainly proves so – its range of snackables are tasty and addictive, yet natural, low in sodium and free from artificial flavours and colours. The special Christmas box includes cold-pressed juices from their newly launched sister brand Drink Juicy, perfect to wash down munchable treats like honey mustard roast crisps, peri peri lime soya crisps and shiitake mushroom chips. Guilt-free snacking at its best. 

Chevron amethyst phone grip
Photograph: @illanocte/Instagram

Chevron Amethyst Phone Grip ($28)

From illa nocte

Healing crystals have made quite the comeback amidst the wellness crave of the last few years. These stones are believed to emit energies that, depending on what you pick, can promote vitality, creativity, focus or calm. It doesn't hurt that they come in a dazzling array of colours too. The chevron amethyst phone grip from Illa Nocte is both beautiful and functional – the swirly purple stone helps with spirituality and serenity and makes for a handy grip on the back of a smartphone. 

lululemon mini foam roller
Photograph: Lululemon

Double Roller Mini ($60)

From Lululemon

This beautifully marbled mini foam roller makes a great gift for that fitspo friend in your life. Its unique design gives you two foam rollers in one compact block, with an inner tube and outer ring for working the kinks out of the arms, legs and back. Coming in at 0.5kg, the mini foam roller is great for someone constantly flitting around from gym to gym. It’s easy to whip out after an intense workout at the gym to bring immediate relief to aches and muscle tightness.    

Aromatherapy bundle Hush Candle
Photograph: @hushcandle/Instagram

Aromatherapy Bundle ($48)

From Hush Candle

It's amazing what a good scent can do for mental well-being. This aromatherapy bundle, in true Hush Candle fashion, uses therapeutic grade essential oils with no synthetic compounds added so that you get its full, natural benefits. Choose two essential oils according to what your loved one may need, be it something purifying, calming, invigorating or uplifting. It even comes with a sleek bamboo essential oil diffuser so your giftee can get that aromatherapy session going right out of the box. 

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray from This Works
Photograph: @thisworks/Instagram

Deep Sleep Pillow Spray ($34)

From This Works via Sephora

Singaporeans are amongst the most sleep-deprived in the world, which doesn't spell good things for our health and mental well-being. Help a loved one chase deeper sleep and good dreams with the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, made of relaxing blend of lavender, vetivert and chamomile. Spray it on the pillow, pop on an eye mask and be gently lulled to sleep. 

Beyond Beautiful from The Moon
Photograph: @themoonsg/Instagram

Beyond Beautiful ($26)

From The Moon

Make self-care a habit with Beyond Beautiful, a book that promotes psychology-driven strategies to feel good about your mind, body and life. Probing the reasons why it's so hard to feel content especially in today's social media world, Beyond Beautiful is a colourful and stylishly illustrated handbook to help your giftee look beyond skin-deep and come to a deeper love for himself or herself. 

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