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Christmas gift guide: tech

Our roundup of drool-worthy gadgets

TomTom Touch ($239)

TomTom Touch ($239)

The gift of fitness (tracking)

TomTom Touch does all that you’d expect it to do – it tracks steps, sleep, 24/7 heart rate – and then more. This wearable fitness tracker incorporates body composition on top of your activity tracking with the touch of a finger right from your wrist, thanks to its highly sensitive touch button right at the bottom of the slim screen. Hold the button for 10 seconds for the algorithm to calculate your body fat and muscle percentage and fire up the MySports app on your phone to see the detailed overview of, quite literally, what you’re made of. Regular usage over a period of time will allow you to observe trends, track progress and understand what activities work best to accomplish your fitness goals.

Get it at Challenger, Harvey Norman, Advance Lap, Motionsports, Axtro Sports, iRun and Parisilk

Jabra Elite Sport ($368)

Jabra Elite Sport ($368)

Wireless earbuds for the sporty set

Don’t get your cords all up in a knot with these wireless earphones. Specifically designed for the sports-inclined – or anyone with an iPhone 7, really – these Bluetooth-enabled earphones allow iOS, Android and Windows users noise-free listening, courtesy of two microphones in each bud, while they’re out for a run. But if you’re pounding the pavement, perhaps it’s better to switch on the ‘Hear Through’ function, which filters in a bit of ambient noise so you don’t miss that car honk coming from behind you.

The pair also comes with an in-ear heart rate monitor that connects to the Jabra Sport Life app – it tracks all the fitness metrics you need. You get 3 hours of juice with each charge, but here’s a super convenient feature: the Elite Sport’s case doubles up as a portable charging case for an additional 2 hours of battery life.

Get it at Stereo Electronics.

Leica M-P Titanium (Price on request)

Leica M-P Titanium (Price on request)

A limited edition object of desire

Save this gift for someone super special. This limited edition Leica – only 333 were produced – is based on the brand’s popular digital rangefinder models, which pack in a wide-angle lens and robust imaging performance into a compact size. They were, after all, designed with photojournalists in mind. The M-P Titanium adds even more resilience to the camera, with the baseplate, top deck and control elements made from solid titanium. Even the lenses – it comes with two – have a titanium anodised finish to match the body, and a full-grain leather grip completes the handsome unit.

Get it at Leica Stores.

DJI Phantom 4 ($1,740)

DJI Phantom 4 ($1,740)

Game of drones

It’s been touted as one of the best brands in the market for drones, and its newest model, the Phantom 4, makes it even easier to take stunning aerial photos and videos. The sleek unit can fly as high as 500 metres at 45 miles per hour, with a range of 5 kilometres and maximum flight time of 28 minutes. The killer feature? TapFly mode: you can control the Phantom by tapping on your smartphone or tablet screen rather than fumbling with a remote control. If the drone senses an obstacle nearby, it simply stops and hovers. Yeah, almost like an auto-pilot.

Get it at Rotor Hobby Enterprises.

Samsung Gear S3 ($548)

Samsung Gear S3 ($548)

A fully customisable smart watch

There’s something honest about a device that looks like what it’s meant to. Case in point: the Samsung Gear S3, a smart watch whose appearance doesn’t stray from a regular Seiko. It’s available in two designs – Frontier and Classic – but the Gear S3’s beauty is in the interchangeable digital faces. The watch comes with 15 faces pre-loaded, but Samsung is letting third parties design their own, which can then be downloaded from the Samsung Gear app store. And with a battery life that goes on for four days, you won’t be stuck with a brick mid-run.

Get it at Samsung Experience Stores island-wide.

PlayStation VR ($599)

PlayStation VR ($599)

Be in the game

Got gamer friends who are chained to their consoles? Here’s a gift to get them that’ll keep them there. (We’re not sure if that’s a good thing, but hey – we don’t judge.) PlayStation’s first foray into virtual reality launched in October this year for the PlayStation 4 and 4 Pro, and it’s exactly what you’d expect from such devices: players strap on the headset, hook up a PlayStation Camera (get a bundle that includes this and the VR headset for $649) and dive right into an immersive world. And, yep, it works on both games and movies.

Get it at the Sony stores island-wide.

Philips Hue Starter Pack ($289)

Philips Hue Starter Pack ($289)

Look at what the light did now

Newsflash, people: your home needn’t be flooded in eye-piercing fluorescent light. Philips’ new home lighting system, called Hue, rights that wrong – it transforms your entire living space into, well, whatever you want it to be. Cosy man cave, gaming room, home cinema… all it takes is a few Hue lightbulbs, a router, and a little creativity on your part. The Starter Pack includes three bulbs and the Bridge, so you’re all set.

The ‘brains’ of the entire system is the Bridge, a small device that hooks up to your WiFi router. Wirelessly connect the Hue lighting sources – there are currently three types, from regular bulbs to light strips you can bend and shape to your whim – to the Bridge, fire up the Hue smartphone app, and sync them all up to begin changing colours, luminosity and patterns. You can even sync Hue to follow the beats of your music and movies. That’s one more reason to Netflix and chill.

Get it at Philips. www.meethue.com.

BeoSound 2 ($2,850)

BeoSound 2 ($2,850)

The sexiest speakers around

Like anything from Bang and Olufsen, the BeoSound 2 is sleek, sexy and downright swoon-worthy. It’s a wireless speaker – okay, except the power cord – that you can connect via Bluetooth to your mobile devices or use apps such as Spotify and Deezer to stream music. The conical device has an acoustic driver as its crown, which plays into a reflector to create a powerful ‘360º sound’. And check this out for a next-level feature: the BeoSound 2 has sensor technology that detects your presence and turns its interface towards you.

Get it at the Bang and Olufsen.

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