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Leung Sang Hong Kong Pastries
Photograph: Leung Sang Hong Kong Pastries

Journey back in time to enjoy heritage snacks and old-school toys with Bugis Street’s scavenger hunt

This Heritage Hunt at Bugis Street has food stops and heritage-themed puzzles

Time Out Singapore in partnership with Bugis Town

It’s been a while since our last exploratory journey around Singapore – the pandemic wasn’t kind when it came to exploring the hidden nooks and crannies of our local neighbourhoods. But now, with things opening up, take the chance to join a Heritage Hunt that brings us around the iconic sites and food haunts of Bugis Junction and Bugis Street

With its galore of shopping malls and alleyway stores, Bugis Town is undeniably one of our favourite stomping grounds. Now, through the lens of a weekend scavenger hunt, you can see this bustling precinct in a different light. The Heritage Hunt @ Bugis Street is a 1 hour 15 minute tour that’s happening every Saturday in the month of May, and you’ll also be solving riddles and puzzles along the way. 

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Join a guided tour through the streets and buildings of Bugis Town

Photograph: Bugis Street

Despite spending our weekends in Bugis, not many of us know the rich history surrounding its many heritage streets and buildings. It’s home to beautifully-conserved shophouses and indoor shopping streets, but much of Bugis Town still remains a mystery to us. From finding out more about the origin of local street signs to trying old-school snacks, here’s what we’ll be up to with the Heritage Hunt @ Bugis Street

Uncover what Bugis was like decades ago
Photograph: Bugis Junction

Uncover what Bugis was like decades ago

While Bugis might seem shiny and new, it’s part of Singapore’s art and heritage precinct for good reason. There’s a ton of unique stories behind its glitzy shopping malls and towering skyscrapers. Take the indoor shopping strip of Bugis Junction – you’ll notice that certain arches proudly mark the streets of Hylam, Malay, and Malabar. Of course, while these streets were once flanked by old, near-derelict shophouses, all facades have been painstakingly restored to the air-conditioned “indoor streets” you see today. The tour will also unearth the origins of the Bugis, an ethnic community originally from Indonesia who helped shape Singapore’s reputation as a port city. 

Sample heritage snacks along the way
Photograph: Ji Xiang Ang Ku Kueh

Sample heritage snacks along the way

There’s a variety of traditional snacks all around Bugis. As part of the guided tour, we’ll be stopping by two stores to uncover fun facts about our heritage snacks. First up: a stop at traditional confectionery store Ji Xiang Ang Ku Kueh. It draws in the crowds for none other than their handmade ang ku kuehs, red tortoise-shaped glutinous rice cakes typically filled with mung bean paste. We’ll also be visiting old-school Hong Kong bakery Leung Sang Hong Kong Pastries, known for their freshly baked egg tarts. With smooth egg custard encased in a crumbly, flaky pastry shell, this makes a delightful afternoon snack.

Discover the origin of street names

Waterloo Street is a fascinating road – in just a single street, you’ve got a synagogue, church, and Chinese and Hindu temples too. But beyond Singapore’s multicultural identity, it’s also home to some of our little red dot’s heritage buildings and landmarks. While wandering through, the guided tour will also offer snippets of lesser-known facts. For one, why is Waterloo Street known as “Si Beh Lor”? You’ll find out on the tour. 

Heritage Hunt at Bugis Street
Photograph: Sin Tat Toys

Heritage Hunt at Bugis Street

Join the Heritage Hunt at Bugis Street with your friends and family – you’re bound to discover plenty of hidden gems along the way. It’s part of Singapore Heritage Fest 2022, where we get to explore our own backyard through fun tours and activities. While there’ll be intriguing riddles and puzzles throughout the entire Heritage Hunt, there’ll also be a game competition at the end of the tour and plenty of childhood nostalgia with old-school toys like “Bestman Balloon” and “Flying Gliders”. From now to May 28, this 1 hour 15 minute guided tour is held every Saturday with two sessions: one at 9.30am, and the other at 11am. It starts at $30 per person or $90 per group of four.

Photograph: Heritage Hunt @ Bugis Street

Those looking to venture off on their own can try the self-guided quest by using the App Questeon (iOS | Android) – it lets you explore the vibrant Bugis prefecture on your own and is entirely free. 

Join the Heritage Hunt at Bugis Street here.

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