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Local YouTube cooking channels to inspire your next kitchen adventure

Cook up a storm with these video tutorials

Fabian Loo

It’s inevitable – the more we stay at home, the more our domesticated side surfaces. With more time on your hand to spare during this period, is your kitchen calling out to you? You are certainly not alone. It’s time to put away that packet of instant ramen and strap on that cooking apron. Let these local YouTube channels kickstart your culinary journey – complete with engaging personalities, inspiring visuals, easy-to-follow instructions, and most importantly, great-tasting recipes.

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The MeatMen

The OG of local cooking content, this YouTube channel has been around since 2013, and has over 37 million views on its various videos. While the menu is varied, the MeatMen’s strength lies in their take on local dishes – from zichar classics to hawker favourites. Try its one-pot Hainanese chicken rice for something convenient or have some homemade cheng tng that’s perfect for the weather we've been having.

Most-watched recipe Chanko Nabe

Get cooking with The MeatMen here

Gibson Bar SG

What can you make with pickled cucumbers, smoked quail eggs, and some pickled onions? The answer? The namesake cocktail by local bar Gibson, made with Roku gin and Ginjo sake-vermouth. All you need is a convenient takeaway pack from the bar and tune in its newly launched YouTube channel. During this period, the bar is uploading soothing, ASMR-inspired cocktail recipe videos that you can replicate at home. 

Most-watched recipe The Gibson (there's only one video, for now, subscribe to the channel for more)

Watch the ASMR video here


Charlotte Mei

Tapping into her Singaporean-French heritage, nutritionist Charlotte Mei whips up recipes dishes like otak-otak soufflé, mala mackerel, and sardine meatballs on her YouTube channel. When she’s not busy in the kitchen, Charlotte also brings viewers along on her shopping trips to the wet market in Serangoon Gardens, as well as a delicious journey through Hong Kong’s dining scene. 

Most-watch recipe A 20-minute pear crumble

Watch her here

Spice N’ Pans

Food-loving couple Roland Lim and Jaime Wen first started Spieling N’ Pans as a way to pass time during the weekend, by filming their favourite home-cooked recipes. The videos are mostly fronted by Roland and have over the years grown into a delectable collection of “Singaporean-influenced Chinese food” that's easily replicated in a home kitchen.  

Most-watched recipe Din Tai Fung-inspired egg fried rice with prawns

Try the couple’s recipes here 


Share Food Singapore

Like its name suggests, Share Food Singapore hopes to share various Asian recipes from home cooks around the world. You’ll find a wide range of videos like how to make durian kueh salat and adorable bakes of bread shaped into lions. The channel also takes its viewers out of the home kitchen, and into local restaurants to spotlight different chefs and their creations.

Most-watched recipe How to make prune kueh lapis

Get inspired here

Lucky House Cantonese Private Kitchen

It’s a channel that started just this month, but chef Sam Wong from Lucky House Cantonese Private Kitchen is already drawing in views for his unfiltered, behind-the-scenes look at his delicious cooking. It’s less of a recipe tutorial, but more of a let-me-make-you-hungry type video on dishes that any aspiring home cook can make. 

Most-watch recipe Watch them all! There’s only two and we can’t wait for more.  

Visit Sam’s kitchen (virtually) here



Started by famous local food blogger Miss Tam Chiak, Dinched is a cooking channel that pays homage to the diverse local food scene in Singapore. You’ll find a selection of local street food – from easy ways to make kaya to an authentic wonton noodle recipe. But Dinched does not just create local food videos. Its repertoire includes a new spin on the trending Dalgona coffee, a beautiful apple galette, and even a tutorial on how to cook rice for people who are completely new to the kitchen.

Most-watch recipe Egg tarts

Peep its tasty recipes here


Zong Han, the face behind ZaTaYaYummy, is a young baker who shares his recipes of cakes, breads, and other pastries on YouTube. The hardest part is deciding which video to follow – there’s a simple eggless white bread video for fluffy toast and also a souffle pancake recipe for you to prepare this wobbly dessert at home. If you don’t have a sweet tooth, Zong Han also has some travel food guides, and some other savoury recipes too. 

Most-watch recipe Fruit tarts

Catch his creations here

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