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Where to order an indoor gardening kit in Singapore

Put those green thumbs – and restless fingers – to good use

Fabian Loo
Written by
Fabian Loo

For us urban dwellers, growing our own food might sound like a distant reality – not all of us have balconies, gardens, or enough direct sunlight streaming through our windows to keep a basil plant alive. But thanks to these local companies, you can bring pockets of green to your home with easy indoor gardening kits that are far from being overly complicated. And as an added bonus, after a couple of months, you get to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

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Growing plants, herbs, vegetables and fruits isn't rocket science, but if you need more help for less, check out Easi Grow. The company relies on hydroponics, which uses mineral nutrient solutions in an aqueous solvent. That means zero soil, less water, and fewer pesticides for fruitful results. Start with the basic hydroponic mini garden ($68), which combines a soil-free planting pot with a self-irrigation system, a built-in water level sensor with LED light to alert you of low water levels, and a large nutrient solution storage for up to one-litre of a two-week water supply. Using hydroponics, you can grow anything from leafy veggies like lettuce, spinach and kale to juicy fruits like strawberries and tomatoes.

Embark on your gardening journey with Super Farmers, a local wellness company that hopes to improve your lifestyle through proper nutrition and food. One easy way to do so is with its well-designed urban farming kit ($45 for a set of kang kong, Chinese kale and Chye Sim), which comes with organic potting soil, easy-to-use seed sticks, and a nifty growing guide for your crop. You don’t need to set aside a lot of space either; the packaging is small and portable enough to be placed anywhere at home. Each kit is also assembled by underprivileged ladies from the AMKFSC COMNET Senior Service, an initiative that supports low-income seniors.


Gardening requires patience; it takes time for the seed to germinate and grow. But for those who are impatient to see results, microgreens offer a faster alternative. These little seedlings are grown in small pots and harvested after two to four weeks, right when the plant bears leaves. Everything Green is the largest provider of organic microgreen seeds in Singapore, with different starter sets to kickstart your growing journey. The Microgreens Grow Bag (from $4) takes all the fuss out of gardening: just unseal the bag, water, sow the seeds, and get ready to enjoy the nutritious crops.

Not a fan of potting soil and getting your hands dirty? Eco City Hydroponics offers a Hydroponics Hobby Kit System (from $35) that replaces the risk of soil-borne pests and diseases with nutrient-filled water instead. In fact, hydroponically grown plants are said to have a faster growth rate than soil-grown greens. Each set comes with a solution tank to house the plants, along with the nutrients solution needed to keep the crops growing and healthy.


Think of Go Pasar as the Carousell for homegrown plants. Its founders, a group of five urban farmers, found that there was a lack of marketplace in Singapore for like-minded people to learn more about urban gardening and source for gardening supplies. From its listings, you can purchase a beginner-friendly Garden-nerd Grow Kit ($75), which comes with pots, seeds, fertiliser, gardening gloves, and seeds that supposedly come with a 90 to 95 percent seed germination rate. And if the harvest gets too bountiful, the website also has a section for urban farmers to barter, trade, or giveaway their harvest for others to share in the joy of Mother Nature.

You don’t need a green thumb to farm – Crops and Co hopes to make farming easier and prove that everyone can grow their own food. Start with the Grow Your Own Chilli Mix ($9.80) for some fresh chillies to fire up your meals, or opt for the Basic Starter Kit ($12.80) with soil and an eco-friendly paper pot. All seeds come in a SeedCell casing made from a natural pulp material that absorbs the moisture needed to aid in the seeds’ germination process.

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