From Where We Stand Opening Night

Art, Paintings
Artbank NOBA
Photograph: Peter Rosetzky Image: Sean Meilak ‘Interior Habitat #1’ 2018 (detail)

[Sponsored] Head to a free exhibition of classical paintings and contemporary artworks

This exhibition contrasts some of the Artbank collection's classical landscape paintings against new works created by six Australian contemporary artists. Each artists practice is varied, creating a collection of responses that explore their personal  perspective, its relationship to experience, and how it in turn it is imbued in their work.'From Where We Stand’ explores how artists meditate over the world and then portray it, examining the inseparable relationship between perspective, experience and physicality.

Curated by Artbank director Tony Stephens, the exhibition showcases works from Yvette Coppersmith (current Archibald finalist), Ricky Emmerton, Anna McMahon, Sean Meilak, Rusty Peters and Lisa Sammut. The opening night will celebrate these artists and preview the exhibition, with natural wines by Jauma.

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