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Manga Hokusai Manga 2018 Casula Powerhouse image supplied
Image: Kazuo Kamimura Kyōjin Kankei/Furious Love 1973[-74] © KAZUO KAMIMURA

This new exhibition celebrates Japan's master painter Hokusai and his impact on the world of Manga

[Sponsored] Casula Powerhouse is kicking off the year with three graphic exhibitions, starting with a tribute to Hokusai and his illustrations. Hokusai might be the best known Asian artist in the western world – his Great Wave image is known by practically everybody – and his Manga and ukiyo-e style works have continued to permeate art history and popular culture for the past 200 years. 

Often described as Japan’s early comic genius, this exhibition celebrates both his work and other contemporary Japanese manga. Manga Hokusai Manga will link Hokusai's comical illustrations with his influence on contemporary Japanese Manga by showcasing new works by seven contemporary artists. Artists include Nishijima Daisuke, Igarashi Daisuke, Shioria Toshi and Machiko. Each artist's pieces will show the evolution from ancient, traditional methods to contemporary graphic design culture and comic books as we know them today. The free exhibition will also be accompanied by a program of free hands-on workshops and film screenings throughout summer.

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