Giant Dwarf's Third Birthday

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Osher Gunsberg
Photograph: Russell Privett Osher Gunsberg

The Redfern theatre celebrates its third birthday with a bang

Giant Dwarf in Redfern is three years old. To celebrate all of the politicians, writers, journalists, wedding guests, beer nerds, actual nerds, screaming teenagers, athletes, theatre buffs, musicians and comedians that have waltzed through the venue's doors since 2014, they are throwing a party and a half. 

On Friday March 10, they'll be getting some of Giant Dwarf's all-time favourite guests together in one room to see what happens. Hosted by Alex Lee and Michael Hing, you'll hear stories from Osher Gunsberg, Richard Glover, Kirsten Drysdale, Michelle Brasier and Ethan Andrews.

They will be joined by personalities from the Bear Pack and Dragon Friends. To cap off the evening will be a DJ set from Mr Benny Davis.

Heaps more acts are set to be announced, so snap up tickets while they're hot. 

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