Cinema ’68 Film Series

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Night of the Living Dead

Free movies at the Art Gallery of NSW mark the 50th anniversary of the year that shook the world

Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy were assassinated. Paris burned. Prague was invaded by the Soviets. The world erupted into protests. If you thought 2016 was a shit year, then you probably didn’t live through 1968.

From Hong Kong to Helsinki, Mexico City to Malaysia, protests, strikes and revolution ripped apart the East-West divide. Decolonisation movements, civil rights marches, mass opposition to Vietnam and rebellions against dictatorships reverberated across the globe.

The latest free movie season at the Art Gallery of NSW brings together ten landmark films all released in 1968. This season showcases the singular visions of post-revolutionary Cuban cinema, Japanese nūberu bāgu, the Italian spaghetti western and more.

To read about what’s screening, click on the Dates and Times tab above. Remember to use the drop down menu to select between months. All films are free but we recommend arriving at the Domain Theatre half an hour early to ensure you get a seat.

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