Superman II Q&A screening

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Margot Kidder and Christopher Reeve in Superman II
Margot Kidder and Christopher Reeve

This is how you make a Superman movie. Superman II (1980) was Christopher Reeve’s second outing in the blue spandex, and pits him against the three Kryptonian villains General Zod (Terence Stamp), Ursa (Sarah Douglas) and Non (Jack O’Halloran).

Gene Hackman returns as the opportunistic Lex Luthor, who teams up with the extra-terrestrial baddies because he’s always loved beachfront property. What does he want? “Australia.”

Meanwhile the Man of Steel contemplates giving up his powers to be with Lois Lane (Margot Kidder).

Striking the right tone between comedy, action and romance, it’s a film that doesn’t betray the turmoil of its production (director Richard Donner was replaced by Richard Lester three quarters of the way through). In fact, it’s a bit of a classic.

Hayden Orpheum has a special treat for audiences. The remastered film will screen before a Q&A with two actors from the film: Sarah Douglas and Marc ‘Jimmy Olsen’ McClure. They’ll share their memories of working with Reeve, Hackman and Stamp, and the making of one of the biggest films of the 1980s.


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