Tilda Swinton Week at Golden Age Cinema

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A Bigger Splash Tilda Swinton
A Bigger Splash

She could be 25, 55 or 2,555 years old. She could just as easily play identical gossip columnist twins (in Hail Caesar!), a serial killer’s mum (We Need to Talk about Kevin) or Narnia's White Witch. Scotland's pride, poster child for glamorous weirdness and the inspiration for the best fake celebrity Twitter account ever, Tilda Swinton now gets her own tribute week at Golden Age Cinema.

Wed May 11
TS plays an English aristocrat who lives for 400 years and changes into a woman.

May 12-19
A Bigger Splash
TS is a highly sexed rock star recovering from an operation on an Italian island with her toyboy when an old flame arrives.

Fri May 13
Swinton is not actually in this Italian horror classic, but she is going to star in the remake. See it, freak out and nod your head understandingly.

Sat May 14
The Grand Budapest Hotel + Only Lovers Left Alive
A double feature of Swintonian goodness. She plays an ancient sugar mamma to Ralph Fiennes’s hotel concierge in Wes Anderson’s masterpiece The Grand Budapest Hotel, and an even more ancient vampire who travels to Detroit to be with her bloodsucking partner (Tom Hiddleston) in Jim Jarmusch’s Only Lovers Left Alive.

Sun May 15
I Am Love
Luca Guadanigno’s film casts Tilda as a textiles heiress who gets into a passionate affair with a younger chef.


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