Brainiac Live

Brainiac Live
Photograph: Supplied

They’re loud, messy and a little bit dangerous – but these wild experiments are all in the name of scientific enlightenment

A spin-off of the pop science TV series, Brainiac Live is a high-energy stage show that unfurls the mysteries of science via explosive experiments and action-packed stunts.  

The Brainiac team will be getting up to all sorts of mischief in the name of scientific study, blowing up dustbins, combusting microwaves and performing daredevil stunts that you should definitely not try at home. They’ll answer questions like “what’s the fastest way to spin an office chair?” and “how do you make a really loud bang with liquid nitrogen?”

This summer, they’re also running Brainiac Detective Academy, a series of workshops where kids will learn about the power of forensic science as they investigate a devious robbery by extracting fingerprints, analysing ink and tracking footprints.


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