Hong Fu

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Hong Fu

Get wowed by adventurous, authentic Chinese dishes that sizzle with flavour

When your food gets served with disposable gloves, you know things are getting serious. Each diner gets their own pair if they order the boiled pork bones, a mountain of assorted pieces simmered in aromatics – get straight into it with your hands. At Hong Fu, every second table is busily hoeing into crisp slices of shallot pancake or plates heaped high with chewy ropes of stir-fried handmade noodles. The menu has a northeastern Chinese bent, characterised by pickled vegetables, called suan cai, that pop up in everything from stir-fried pork to stewed pork hot pot and pan-fried dumplings. Toothpick lamb is an impressive pile of miniature lamb kebabs pushed onto toothpick skewers, heady with cumin and resplendent with dried chillies. Kick on with soft, sticky pillows of deep-fried eggplant or deep-fried battered prawns coated in a rich sauce of salted duck egg yolk.


Venue name: Hong Fu
Address: 6/103 George St
Opening hours: Wed-Mon 11.30am-3pm; 5.30pm-9.30pm
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