Brian Reed: We Need to Talk About S-Town

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Brian Reed S-Town This American Life
Photograph: Sandy Honig

Join the podcast host for a deep dive into storytelling, journalism ethics and what's been happening since

Speak to any podcast tragic over the past few months and they’ll no doubt mention S-Town to you. S-Town comes from the same minds behind mega popular podcasts This American Life and Serial. Since its debut in March, it's become a worldwide storytelling phenomenon, with over 40 million downloads and counting. Now, S-Town’s co-creator and host Brian Reed is coming to Sydney to talk about it.

S-Town follows the story of John B. McLemore from “Shittown Alabama” who contacted This American Life senior producer Reed back in 2014, asking him to investigate the son of a wealthy family who had allegedly been bragging about getting away with murder. But the podcast that follows isn’t the usual whodunit that you’d expect.