Red Rock Deli Personalised Crisp Pop-Up

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Red Rock Deli Taste Space
Photograph: supplied

Now’s your chance to bring back dijon honey and mustard from the dead

Think you’ve come up with the next honey soy chicken? Or simply have a hole in your heart the shape of a loved-and-lost discontinued chip flavour?

Well now’s your chance to set things right, because for two weeks at their pop-up ‘Taste Space’ in Westfield Sydney, Red Rock Deli is allowing chip fans to create their own personalised flavour. Visitors will be taken through a step-by-step interactive process to choose their dream flavour combo, coming out the other end with a sleek black box housing their creation, complete with customised label.

A go-around on the Taste Space will set you back a cool $10, but the opportunity to move the dearly-missed grilled chorizo and cider onion flavour (RIP limited edition) from the dream-realm to your taste buds is surely priceless.

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