Sleep Happy Festival

Things to do, Pop-up locations
People having a pillow fight
Photograph: supplied

Sydney’s first bed festival may be an elaborate ruse by the company to seduce us into buying a new mattress, but it’s got us dreaming of pillow fights, cat naps

The ten-week pop-up, hosted by Sleeping Duck, is running five different events to celebrate the glory of all things sleep. There’s a ‘Dream Teller’ (think fortune teller for dreaming), movie screenings, ‘Sleep on the job’ that’ll give you some inspiration for your next – yawn – boardroom meeting, and ‘First Dates’, which is exactly what you think it is. Attempt to break the ice by bringing your date to the Sleep Happy bedroom, play various games and suss out whether you’ll be fighting over the right side of the bed or the left.

By: Shon Ho

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