Studio Session: Seed Funding Basics

Things to do, Talks and discussions
Woman stand in matching outfits.
Photograph: Rachel Gulotta

Learn how to turn those start-up business plans and pitches into corporate reality

If you’re an innovation wizz with some grand business ideas, but lacking in the funds department, you might consider approaching external investors to launch that start-up company you’ve been dreaming of. But there’s a right way to do it, and it’s not necessarily on Shark Tank. The founders of Mentorloop – a software company that matches employees within mentorship programs – will share their experiences in seeking the initial funding that helped build their successful business.

In an evening workshop, Heidi Holmes and Lucy Lloyd will share their insights alongside their original investors from venture capital companies, Tempus Partners and Blackbird Capital. You’ll learn pointers for pitching to investors, how to constructively use feedback and how Holmes and Lloyd secured their financial backing. So wear your strongest power-suit and be boardroom ready for this informative discussion.

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