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Catch amazing music, theatre and dance shows at the Tokyo Performing Arts Festival 2022

The festival runs from January to March and some shows are even free

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Emma Steen

We’ve got some stellar visual arts festivals coming our way in Japan in 2022, with both Setouchi Triennale and Kyotographie set to open this April. But here to get the ball rolling in the first month of the year is the Tokyo Performing Arts Festival 2022, which will begin on January 19

The festival is a massive one, featuring shows in 11 different disciplines including opera, ballet, contemporary theatre and Nihon-buyo (traditional Japanese dance). A host of professional ensembles will be taking part in performances which will run through to March 29.  

Tokyo Performing Arts Festival 2022
Photo: Nohgaku Kyokai

Highlights include a performance of ‘Swan Lake’ by Maki Asami Ballet on February 5 and 6, ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ presented by Tokyo Nikikai Opera Theatre from February 9 to 13, and an ensemble performance titled ‘Friend’ by the Chairoplin theatre group from January 19 to 23. Other notable shows to look forward to include performances by the NHK Symphony Orchestra, the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra and the Tokyo City Ballet.

Because the event is organised by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government with the intention of making performing arts more accessible to Tokyoites, some of the scheduled performances are completely free. You can catch a rakugo (traditional storytelling) showcase running throughout the event, and a stunning kagura (Shinto ceremonial dance) performance on March 26 and 27 all without paying a single yen. You will still need to book tickets online, however. 

As for the shows that have admission fees, ticket prices are much cheaper than they normally would be, courtesy of the Tokyo government. 

To see the full list of scheduled performances and book tickets, visit the festival’s official website

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