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Get a free baguette for practicing French at this pop-up bakery in Ebisu

Duolingo is opening a pop-up in Ebisu to give out free bread to anyone who can say their order in French

Emma Steen
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Emma Steen

Look out for this curious pop-up bakery in Ebisu next week – you might just score some free bread. The two-day event is hosted by language-learning app Duolingo, which is encouraging Tokyoites to try out French by enticing them with an iconic French creation, the baguette. 

You’ll find the pop-up at Steam Bread Ebisu, which will be offering crusty baguettes instead of the usual fluffy shokupan loaves for the two days from June 23-24. To receive your free baguette, step up to the microphone and read the words that appear on the screen aloud. (Here's the phrase if you want to practise beforehand: Puis-je avoir un bon pain français?)

You’ll have 20 seconds to read out the one-liner, after which a gloved hand will appear through a window in the wall to hand you your baguette. Don’t worry about mispronunciations – the bakery is especially welcoming of level-zero beginners. 

Stocks are limited to 150 baguettes per day, and you’ll have to make a reservation so you don’t leave empty-handed. You can reserve a time slot online between 10am-6.30pm for either day of the event. Don’t wait too long to book, though – the city is full of keen Francophones and bread fiends alike. 

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