Japan to issue a digital Covid-19 vaccine passport by mid-December

Japan’s vaccine passport will involve an app, which will authenticate your vaccine records

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Emma Steen
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Japan will finally begin issuing digital Covid-19 vaccination certificates in December, Nikkei reports. These certificates, or ‘vaccine passports’, will be available as a smartphone app. It will primarily be used for overseas travel. 

As of September 3, roughly 58 percent of Japan’s population has received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine while roughly 47.1 percent has been fully inoculated. So far, the government-issued Record of Vaccination for Covid-19 and the newly introduced vaccine passports are only available in paper format. 

The digital vaccine certificates to be released in December are expected to comply with international standards to make it easier to regulate the flow of people coming in and out of the country. According to Nikkei, the government will also contemplate implementing app-based certificates for domestic travel, dining out and other socio-economic activities.

Though the technology is still under development, this long-term goal is a promising next step in resuming international travel after a year and a half of iron-tight travel restrictions. 

Have yet to book your vaccine? Here's our guide on how to get your Covid-19 vaccine in Japan. If you're looking to apply for a (paper) vaccine passport, read our guide here.

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