Mt Fuji
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Mt Fuji has officially reopened to climbers this summer

A symbol of Japan, Mount Fuji was closed last year due to Covid-19

Kaila Imada
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Kaila Imada

If climbing Mt Fuji is on your Japan bucket list, you’ll be glad to hear that the mountain has reopened to climbers after being closed in 2020 due to Covid-19 concerns. Last year’s closure was the first time the World Heritage Site was not open to visitors since 1960.

As reported by The Japan Times, the most popular and easiest of Mt Fuji's four climbing routes reopened on Thursday July 1. The route, known as the Mt Fuji 5th Station – Fuji Subaru Line, is located on the Yamanashi side of the mountain, while the other three paths on the Shizuoka side are set to open later on Saturday July 10.

Mt Fuji will remain open to climbers through to Friday September 10. Visitors will be asked to fill out a health form and do a temperature check before making their ascent.

Do note that the Fuji Subaru Line tollway, the road that runs halfway up Mt Fuji, has shortened its opening hours; it’s now accessible only from 3am to 6pm, rather than staying open 24 hours. The shortened hours are implemented to help reduce the number of hikers who use the road to get a head start on their climb through the night. The road is also closed to private vehicles during peak climbing period.

Looking to climb Mt Fuji? Check out our guide to hiking Japan’s sacred mountain here.

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