Superman vs Food
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Superman has a new manga about him enjoying Japanese food

In the Japanese-language Superman vs Food, DC’s Man of Steel flies all the way to Japan for lunch

Emma Steen
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Emma Steen

As an all-powerful Kryptonian fuelled by sunlight, Superman doesn’t technically need to eat to survive. But he’s known to enjoy the occasional meal purely for the flavour factor, or when spending time with friends and family.

In this new manga series, the DC superhero gets a new look – and a new appetite – as he flies around Japan in search of a good meal after a busy day of protecting the earth. The series, titled 'Superman vs Food: Superman’s Meals of Solitude', is written by Satoshi Miyakawa and illustrated by manga artist Kai Kitago.

Dishes Superman encounters include kamameshi, rice cooked with meat, fish or vegetables in an iron pot, which he prepares with his heat ray vision, as well as enormous bowls of ramen topped with a mountain of garlicky bean sprouts and chashu, which a mere mortal would have a hard time finishing. 

There’s also a scene where Superman forms a version of the Justice League using only the contents of a tempura rice bowl – if that’s not a superhuman feat, we don’t know what is.

The first installment of the series was published in the bi-weekly seinen manga Evening (in Japanese only) on June 22 and is available on the Comic Days website for 160 points. You’ll also be able to find the series at the extensive DC Exhibition which will run at Tokyo City View from June 25 to September 5.

There’s no word on whether this quirky manga will get an English-language release, but those food illustrations look delicious in any language.  

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