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Survey: People miss Japan more than any other country in the world

Tokyo is also among the top five cities in the world that people desire to visit again, as per this social media survey

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Emma Steen

With so many fascinating cultures and compelling destinations to explore, we’re usually discouraged from staying in one place for too long. But whether moving to a new country or just spending some time in a new place on holiday, certain destinations leave a lasting impression that has us yearning to return. Which country, though, do people have the strongest desire to go back to? According to financial services provider Remitly, it’s Japan.

Leveraging on our habits of taking to social media to express everything from fleeting emotions to innermost desires, Remitly has analysed more than 1.5 million tweets published over five years to determine which places people miss the most. 

Mt Fuji as seen from Lake Kawaguchiko
Photo: Lee Hans/UnsplashMt Fuji as seen from Lake Kawaguchiko

Japan was found to be the most missed country in the world by a significant margin, with over 68,300 mentions in tweets, which accounted for 13.6 percent of the country-related tweets analysed. Japan's reputation for excellent food, convenience and safety, coupled with a welcoming culture, make it an obvious contender for the top spot. 

Japan received nearly three times as many tweets as the majority of the top ten countries, indicating that both residents and visitors have a strong attachment to the country. Meanwhile, Tokyo is ranked among the top five cities people miss the most, with New York City coming in at No 1.

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