teamLab Botanical Garden
Photo: teamLab, Resonating Microcosms - Liquified Light Color, Sunrise and Sunset © teamLab

teamLab is taking over a botanical garden in Osaka and it looks surreal

The immersive nighttime art experience will be a permanent exhibition at the Nagai Botanical Garden in Higashisumiyoshi

Emma Steen
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Emma Steen

While Tokyo’s teamLab Borderless is set to close this August, the art collective has more than a few tricks up its sleeve for the coming months. This summer, for instance, teamLab is set to open a permanent after-dark exhibition at Osaka’s Nagai Park. 

teamLab Botanical Garden
Photo: teamLab, Forest of Autonomous Resonating Life © teamLab

This will be a part of the park’s long term renewal project, which includes the opening of a skatepark and eateries as well as a focus on large-scale events and workshops for the community to get involved in.

teamLab Botanical Garden
Photo: teamLab, Floating Resonating Lamps - One Stroke © teamLab

teamLab’s new solo exhibition will be inside the park’s Nagai Botanical Garden, which reopened on April 1 after undergoing a five-month-long renovation project. Like a handful of other teamLab exhibitions such as the digitsed forest in Kyushu, the upcoming installations are intended to highlight the garden’s flora and present the site’s natural beauty in a new light.

teamLab Botanical Garden
Photo: teamLab, Concrete and Abstract © teamLab

Details of the individual installations and exhibition opening date have yet to be announced, but with summer fast approaching, it shouldn’t be too long before we know more about the exciting new attraction. Until then, keep an eye on the teamLab website for the latest info. 

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