teamLab Botanical Garden
Photo: teamLab, Sculptures of Dissipative Birds in the Wind © teamLab

teamLab has taken over a botanical garden in Osaka and it looks surreal

The immersive nighttime art experience is a permanent exhibition at the Nagai Botanical Garden in Higashisumiyoshi

Emma Steen
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Emma Steen

On July 29 – a few weeks before closing its Borderless museum in Odaiba – digital art collective teamLab opened a new (and permanent) after-dark attraction in Osaka’s Nagai Park.

teamLab Botanical Garden Osaka is part of Nagai Park’s recent renewal project, which involved a five-month renovation and the addition of urban facilities like a skatepark and eateries.
teamLab Botanical Garden
Photo: teamLab, Spatial Calligraphy in the Forest - One Stroke, Secondary Forest © teamLab

Like a handful of other teamLab exhibitions such as the digitised forest in Kyushu, the digital art installations in this Osaka botanical garden are intended to highlight the area's flora and present the site’s natural beauty in a new light.

teamLab Botanical Garden
Photo: teamLab, Resonating Microcosms in the Common Camellia Garden - Solidified Light Color, Sunrise and Sunset © teamLab

The immersive exhibits include a camellia garden of ovoids, where the sculptures appear reflective during the day but emit colourful lights after sundown and transform the surrounding forest.

Some of the artworks are seasonal and change with the different types of plants and flowers that appear each month. This includes the three-week-long 'Life is Flickering Light Floating in the Dark - Cosmos' installation, which was unveiled on November 3 and features a 200sqm field full of brightly lit cosmos.

teamLab Botanical Garden
Photo: teamLab, Field of Light Color - Muhlenbergia capillaris, © teamLab

More season-limited highlights include the pink-tinted 'Field of Light Color - Muhlenbergia capillaris' (available now) and the 'Life if Continuous Light - Bald Cypress' artwork scheduled for late November, where the garden's bald cypress trees will be lit in autumnal colours.

teamLab Botanical Garden
Photo: teamLab, Floating Resonating Lamps on Oike Lake © teamLab

General admission is priced at ¥1,600, while junior high school and elementary school students can enter for ¥500. The exhibition is held every evening from 6pm-9.45pm (last admission 8.45pm), but closes on the second and fourth Monday of every month. Book your tickets here. 

teamLab Osaka
Photo: teamLab, Life is Flickering Light Floating in the Dark - Cosmos © teamLab

For more information, visit teamLab's official website

This article was originally published on May 31 2022 and updated on November 7 2022. 

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