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This Brazilian takeout in Tokyo comes with disposable grills for DIY barbecue

Barbecue made easy: Barbacoa now offers a DIY churrasco barbecue takeaway, complete with a grill made of natural materials

Kaila Imada

Covid-19 coronavirus has plenty of Tokyoites ordering takeout and delivery food and drink. If you’re getting bored of your go-to order, why not try a DIY Brazilian-style barbecue next?

Tokyo-based Brazilian barbecue chain Barbacoa is offering its popular churrasco grilled meats for takeaway, complete with a single-use grill. The protein-packed Barbacoa BBQ Set goes for ¥7,000 and includes four different types of meat: two cuts of sirloin cap steak, two cuts of rib eye steak, one piece of chicken and two sausages. For extra flavour, the set also comes with three of Barbacoa’s signature sauces and rock salt. If you want a bigger helping, you can add extra cuts to your order.

Photo: Barbacoa

Now, you may be wondering how that little disposable grill can cook up all that food. The grill weighs just 1kg, is made from a mix of cardboard and bamboo, and even comes with charcoal and volcanic stones ready to barbecue. Once lit, the grill lasts for roughly one hour, giving you plenty of time to cook that meat. You can also order disposable cutlery and a steak knife along with the barbecue set for an easy summer picnic.

To help get you started, Barbacoa has released a handy video showing how to light the grill and get cooking. Best of all, there’s no need to worry about scraping grease off the grill when you’re done.

Actually, pardon us, we’ve got a summer picnic to plan…

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