Ramen Yamaoka
Photo: Sapporo Tokyu REI Hotel

This ramen-themed hotel in Sapporo lets you slurp and sleep in the same place

Ramen Yamaokaya now has exclusive hotel rooms where you can eat, sleep and live the noodle life

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Kasey Furutani

Hokkaido is known for its beautiful landscapes and incredible culinary scene. Both locals and tourists can indulge in Hokkaido’s fresh seafood, rich ice cream and, of course, piping hot bowls of ramen anytime of year. Now, noodle lovers can make sure their whole trip to Sapporo revolves around the humble soup noodle at these special ramen-themed rooms at Sapporo Tokyu REI Hotel, located in the heart of Susukino, Sapporo’s main nightlife district.

Ramen Yamaoka
Photo: Sapporo Tokyu REI Hotel

A collaboration with Ramen Yamaokaya, a chain famous for its pork-based miso ramen with roots in Sapporo, these limited-time rooms are decked out with all the ramen necessities. The rooms are much more comfortable than falling asleep drunk in a ramen restaurant at 2am – although the detailed decor may have you thinking that’s what you’ve done when you first wake up.

In the room there’s a photo of the restaurant counter next to the bed, in addition to Ramen Yamaokaya’s signature red sign and curtains, ready to spark some sodium-filled dreams. Plus, your room will smell like the restaurant, too, upon arrival with the complimentary ramen soup you’ll receive.  

Ramen Yamaoka
Photo: Sapporo Tokyu REI Hotel

All this ramen paraphernalia will definitely have you craving some salty noods. Fret not: Ramen Yamaokaya will provide plenty of goodies to satisfy your porky midnight cravings. The hotel stay comes with a variety pack of Yamaokaya ramen in shio, shoyu, classic miso, special miso and spicy miso flavours, as well as the chain restaurant's exclusive face mask, an accommodation certificate plus a ticket to redeem a free bowl of ramen at Ramen Yamaokaya, Goku Niboshi Honpo or Miso Ramen Yamaokaya shops nationwide.

The special hotel rooms are only available from July 13 to September 13, so be sure to nab a reservation now. A room for a single ramen enthusiast is priced from ¥6,000 while a double room goes from ¥5,000 per person.

Stuck in Tokyo? Good news, there are plenty of delicious ramen restaurants to try without leaving the city.

Heading to Hokkaido? Take advantage of the unlimited JR Hokkaido pass, and study up on the 10 things you must eat in Sapporo.

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