Tokyo to see another food price hike in early 2023, affecting over 7,000 items

Expect to pay more for processed foods, drinks and snacks

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Chris Hough
Deputy Editor, Time Out Tokyo
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A new year is coming, but inflation isn’t going anywhere. After recent news about price hikes for Uniqlo products, Family Mart’s fried chicken and even train fares, the next bout of increases will hit more than 7,000 food products in early 2023.

According to a survey (in Japanese only) by market research firm Teikoku Databank, 7,152 food products will increase in price between January and April 2023. Some increases will be as much as 50 percent, while the average hike is 18 percent.

Most of the increases will hit processed food items such as frozen products and canned goods. Soft drinks and alcohol are also set for a bump in price through the first few months of 2023.

Some of the price hikes will come in the form of products being reduced in size but still selling for the same price. According to Jiji Press, Yamazaki Baking will reduce the number of buns from five to four in its mini bread range, and KitKat Mini packs will go from 13 to 12 bars.

There are several reasons for the price hikes, including a weak yen, more expensive raw materials and rising logistics costs.

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