Eggslut shrimp chili sandwich
Photo: Baycrew's Co., Ltd.

You can get this spicy chilli shrimp egg sandwich only at Eggslut Shinjuku

Two Chinese-style egg sandwiches are exclusive to the Eggslut in Shinjuku Southern Terrace – and for a limited time only

Youka Nagase
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Youka Nagase

California’s famed egg sandwich shop Eggslut has made a name for itself in Tokyo with its exclusive seasonal offerings in the past, such as a decadent wagyu truffle sandwich and an OTT slab of salmon katsu in a brioche bun. Its latest special creations this winter are a pair of Chinese-style spicy chilli shrimp sandwiches, which are only sold at Eggslut Shinjuku Southern Terrace until March 21. 

The chilli shrimp egg sandwich (¥1,408) is inspired by the Japanese-Chinese dish ebi chili. Eggslut's version offers a generous amount of boiled shrimp coated in the restaurant's house-made spicy chilli sauce. It’s combined with deep-fried cellophane noodles, a slice of cheddar cheese, coriander and, of course, Eggslut’s signature buttery scrambled eggs, all encased in a brioche bun.

Its other offering is the shrimp and tobiko (flying fish roe) yuzu ankake (thick sauce) egg sandwich (¥1,408), which features shrimp with yuzu citrus ankake and is topped with tobiko, deep-fried wood ear mushrooms and scrambled eggs.

Eggslut Shinjuku Southern Terrace
Photo: Baycrew's Co., Ltd.Eggslut Shinjuku Southern Terrace

Visit the Eggslut website for more information.

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