Fall in love with Japan's cutest pets on Instagram

Dogs, cats, rabbits and more – these adorable Instagram animal celebrities will melt your heart

Mumitan, Instagram rabbit, camera
Photo: mumitan/Instagram

We're all longing for a furry friend to keep us company as we stay indoors and work from home. Unfortunately, whether it's due to allergies, picky landlords, or just the inability to keep even a pot-plant alive, having a pet isn't the best option for everyone. In Japan, pet owners go all out, buying wonderful accessories and even setting up celeb-style Instagram accounts for their pets.

So get ready to become a vicarious pet owner as you scroll through photos of these adorable Japanese pets. Maybe it's the backdrops of cherry blossoms, or the way these four-legged friends look at you, but these Japanese pets are off-the-charts adorable. 

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Meet your new best friends




なこジャーナル(@nacojournal)がシェアした投稿 -

Naco is a Persian cat with a perpetual scowl – in other words, he's a classic grumpy cat. You can’t help but smile at Naco’s stubbornly cranky old man face as he hides behind plants and contemplates his own birthday cake.




Pupu🌸🌸🌸Kirara🌸🌸🌸 暖かく春らしくなって来ましたね。。 ぷぷ『おうちでお花見一緒にしよ♪』 キララ『お花見より猫草🌱狩りのほうが楽しそうだけど』 * 去年作った桜の襟と花冠で気分はパーーっと明るく行こう♪☺️😄🌸 ぷぷの履いてる素敵なスカートは@nyaomi3904 さんの @neko_ribbon * * @oyabun.chiho おやぶんちゃんに元気玉送ってるよ🔴 @kuumama0621 くぅちゃんに元気玉送ってるよ🔴 @nyanleopon34 バンちゃん 元気玉送ってるよ🔴 * * #cat #cats #kitty #instacat #catstagram #meow #ペコねこ部 #catsofinstagram #cats_of_instagram #ねこすたぐらむ #スコティッシュ #scottishfold #スコティッシュフォールド #catlover #cutecat #ふわもこ部 #lovemycat #gatto #ねこのいる生活 #ねこのきもち  #cuteanimals #猫好きな人と繋がりたい #pleasantcats #nyancon01 #bestmeow @beautypro_contest #ビューティープロコンテスト #美ニャン祭 #土アップ祭 #羊毛フェルト #feltingwool

Chika😻たまの玉手箱😽💖(@tamapupu)がシェアした投稿 -

This account is dedicated to five incredibly patient cats: Tama, Pupu, Kirara, Kuu and Choko. The cats wear intricately-designed handmade costumes including such fashionable items as traditional Japanese wedding attire, takoyaki hats and adorable cherry blossom garlands.


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