Tokyo's most anticipated new openings in 2018

Mega-malls, movie theatres and a Moomin theme park – these are the big openings we're looking forward to in 2018
Tokyo Midtown Hibiya | Time Out Tokyo
By Mari Hiratsuka |

Tokyo is quite literally transforming before our eyes in the run-up to the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics. As has become customary, we've taken some time before 2018 rolls around to score a sneak peek at a selection of the most interesting mega-openings set to happen in the city over the next year – from enormous shopping complexes to a Moomin theme park and a hotly anticipated indie cinema. Some of these will surely achieve future landmark status, while others will falter as soon as the hype dies down. Which ones do you think will make the cut? Let us know in the comments below. 

Most anticipated new openings for 2018

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Tokyo Midtown Hibiya

icon-location-pin Hibiya

Opens March 29

Another Midtown? To be fair, mega-developer Mitsui Fudosan's latest shrine to commerce is certainly closer to the middle of town than the Roppongi original – it sits right across the street from Hibiya Park and just a stone's throw from the Imperial Palace grounds. Built on the site of the old Sanshin and Hibiya Mitsui buildings, Tokyo Midtown Hibiya will extend to a whopping 39 total storeys...

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Shibuya Stream

icon-location-pin Shibuya

Opens sometime in autumn

One of the most significant pieces in the monstrous puzzle that is the ongoing Shibuya redevelopment effort, Stream is set to house offices, a hotel, a concert hall and a shopping complex, all opening in autumn 2018. Built on the site of the old Tokyu Toyoko line station...

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Shibuya-Daikanyama R Project

icon-location-pin Shibuya

Opens sometime in autumn

Set to be completed at some point in autumn 2018, the R Project building is set to function as a bridge between the north and south sides of Shibuya. Under construction along the Shibuya River, which is currently being restored as part of the area's humongous redevelopment push, it will be a midway stop along the riverside walkway that's set to stretch...

Attractions, Theme parks


icon-location-pin Saitama

Opens sometime in autumn

A Moomin theme park set to open near Lake Miyazawa in Hanno, Saitama, Metsä ('forest' in Finnish) will channel the beloved characters' Finnish roots. To be built in a natural lakeside setting supposed to emulate the land of forests and lakes, it will be equivalent to four Tokyo Domes in size and will be divided into two zones, known as Metsä Village and Moomin Valley Park...

Cinemas, Independent

Uplink Kichijoji

icon-location-pin Kichijoji

Opens sometime in winter 2018

It's barely been a month since Cocomaru opened in Kichijoji and became the first indie cinema to set up shop in the neighbourhood since the closing of much-missed Baus Theater in 2014. Now, local cinephiles are getting more very good news. Shibuya's ever-excellent Uplink will be opening a five-screen, 300-seat branch theatre...


Kinokuniya Bookstore

icon-location-pin Shinjuku

Re-opening on February 1

Okay, not a new opening per se, but the Shinjuku-dori main store of renowned bookseller Kinokuniya is set to be reborn in new and improved form in February. With an extensive selection of books, magazines, comics, stationery and much more, spread out over a total of nine floors (plus a separate building for manga, DVDs and more)...

Toyosu Market | Time Out Tokyo

Toyosu Market

Opens mid-October (maybe)

After a farcical saga that has dragged on for years, it looks like 2018 will finally see the move of Tokyo's central wholesale seafood market from Tsukiji to Toyosu. The metropolitan government is aiming for an October opening of the new site, which has been plagued by misfortunes but should finally be ready to do some actual dealing this autumn. Meanwhile, best take either an early-morning or a street snack-focused tour of Tsukiji while you still can.

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