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Chinese New Year in London

The Year of the Monkey is upon us – here's where to eat, drink and celebrate Chinese New Year in 2016


The Year of the Monkey is coming up (Chinese New Year is on Mon Feb 8 2016) and, as usual, Chinese New Year in London celebrations will be loud and colourful – decorations, dragons, music and dancing will take over Chinatown.

Everyone’s welcome to join in the party, of course. But if you’re hoping to enjoy a meal in one of London's best Chinese restaurants, you’ll definitely need to book ahead.

Where to eat for Chinese New Year

Baozi Inn

At Baozi Inn, kitsch Communist Revolution decor meets northern Chinese street food tidied up for London. True to Sichuanese form, red is present in most dishes – if not as a slick of potent chilli oil, then in lashings of sliced or whole chillies. The kitchen occasionally gets things wrong, but when it’s on song – which is often – the food is spicy, delicious and cheap.

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Café TPT

It’s not unusual to see a big menu in Chinatown, but such a vast repertoire seems impossible from a kitchen galley the size of an origami boat. Not so, because dishes from Hong Kong, mainland China and the diaspora are all produced competently, and some of them with commendable aplomb. TPT isn’t the cheapest of the budget Chinatown cafés, but both cooking and service are better than you might expect.

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Four Seasons

Famed for their Cantonese-style roast duck, this modest restaurant displays barbecued meats – pork ribs, pork belly and whole ducks – in the window facing busy Wardour Street. Of the two Four Seasons in Chinatown, this branch has the friendlier service. Open until 4am daily, Four Seasons is a decent restaurant for a late night meal in central London that wouldn't burn a hole in your pocket.

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HK Diner

The interior is bigger than the narrow frontage suggests; staff will hasten you towards any unoccupied booth seating. The menu covers Chinese standards, such as roast duck (impressively succulent), but on our last visit we were most struck by the generosity of the seafood (scallops, carved squid) in a noodle dish. Everything was perfectly cooked and the service was gracious, which is reflected in the prices being a little higher than the Wardour Street norm. Open until 4am daily.

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See Chinese New Year in pictures

The Year of the Horse has now arrived, and London’s Chinese community and fellow well-wishers took to the streets to see in the new year. Some of London’s finest photographers were on the scene and here are some of their pictures. Nice.

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Helen W
Helen W

I thought it was the year of the goat, not the year of the sheep .... maybe I'm wrong?

Mr. R
Mr. R

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