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Buka Restaurant, Accra, Ghana
Daniel NeilsonBuka Restaurant, Accra, Ghana

125 things to do in Accra and Ghana - traditional food

With tips on everything from Accra's best restaurants and shops to museums and sightseeing – read our ultimate guide to things to do in Accra

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Daniel Neilson
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Although it is practically a roadside bar, Auntie Muni’s has earned a formidable reputation in Accra for waakye (waa-chey), a mélange of dark black-eyed beans and rice, with meat and some fish, often eel. Customers queue up at a netted bar to pick from ingredients. Stringy noodles, hard-boiled eggs, various vegetables and hunks of steamed meat tumble in the waakye (only available on weekends) like an ungainly salad. The hub of the assemblage is shitor, a peppery condiment made of chilli, dried shrimp and ginger. The place for authentic Ghanaian cuisine – on our last visit we saw a Bentley outside. 

Kenkey Boutique
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For years, Kenkey Boutique has forged a reputation for serving the hottest kenkey and the freshest fried fish. Food served is prepared on-site and is always hot and tasty. 

Hot kenkey at Duncan's
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Located in Osu, this bar does more than just keep you refreshed – the food served is a local hit too. The tables are always full, the music is loud, and the smell of freshly grilled fish welcomes guests. The most popular dish by far, evident from the long queues, is the banku and tilapia.

It has to be tilapia Philipo's
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A local Ghanaian restaurant serving banku and tilapia. Philipo’s is set up as a classic roadside bar, with a wide-open space under a canopy. It serves banku with a well-garnished tilapia and pepper. Located opposite Jerry’s Pub, Atemuda, East Legon. 

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