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Best crispy pork and stewed pork in Bangkok

You don't have to pay much for a good meal, here are the best (and cheap) pork rice in Bangkok

Crispy pork (moo krob) and stewed pork (moo daeng) rice is one of the most popular street food dishes in Thailand because of its tender and juicy meat as well as a special sweet sauce. We gather you the best dishes in Bangkok that are both cheap and delicious at the same time.

Son Thod

This old-school establishment has been selling Cantonese-style roast pork and crispy pork belly for decades. The roast pork is tender and has a delicate smoky flavor, while the crispy pork belly has a satisfying crunch that’s all its own.

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Sri Samornlerrot

Even the curt, unfriendly staff can’t stop the lunch crowd from queuing up at this local favorite. This nondescript spot offers delectable roast pork and chicken served with fried garlic and rice. 

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Kao Kha Moo Charoen Sang

This shophouse, nestled in soi Charoenkrung 49 right across Lerdsin Hospital, is famous for its tender and well-seasoned Chinese-style braised pork knuckles. Apparently, the secret lies in how the knuckles are slowly braised in a pot for five to six hours. 

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Moo Krob Nai Sai

The crispy pork belly at this 45-year-old eatery is to die for. Nai Sai roasts its cuts low and slow to achieve some of the crispiest aerated crackling you will find in Bangkok.

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