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Photograph: CC/Flickr/Iain Watson

Chicago has been named the best city for ‘urban hermits’

Zach Long

You could spend years exploring Chicago's amazing restaurantsbreathtaking attractions and killer music festivals. Or you could sit around on your couch, order some takeout and catch up on the first season of Luke Cage on Netflix. While most Chicagoans have an appreciation for everything the city has to offer, we're also great at holing up in our apartments, wrapping up in a blanket and surviving the latest Polar Vortex with some delivery grub in one hand and a stiff drink in the other.

A new ranking published by Estately recognizes Chicago as the best city for "urban hermits"—the kind of people who work, eat, drink and entertain themselves without ever setting foot outside of their humble abodes. In order to form the rankings, the folks at Estately looked at a variety of factors, including the cost of housing, internet speeds, the percentage of people who work from home and the number of food and alcohol delivery options.

Chicago got high marks for its affordable housing, the prevalence of eateries offering delivery via GrubHub and the ease of purchasing booze without ever visiting a liquor store. We managed to beat out New York (where everyone clearly wants to get out of their tiny closets apartments), San Francisco (where rent is so outrageous that you lose money whenever you leave your house) and Honolulu, Hawaii (where there's no such thing as "winter").

So, congratulations everyone! Instead of hitting the bars tonight, let's celebrate at home with a pint of ice cream and the premiere episode of Westworld. We've earned it!

Courtesy Estately

Courtesy Estately

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