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New movie reviews: Chicago listings and showtimes

Find the latest movie reviews for movies playing in Chicago this week.

Chicago movie listings

A Monster Calls

Young actor Lewis MacDougall impresses in this imaginative but overly sentimental fantasy

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Summoning his deepest conviction, Martin Scorsese transcends his filmography with a tale of Christianity in crisis

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Hidden Figures

This true story of ’60s-era African-American NASA workers has sentiment on its side, even if it’s a touch overblown

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Viola Davis's soulful performance is the main reason to see this otherwise stagy adaptation of August Wilson’s play

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The makers of Despicable Me deliver a fun animated musical about animals pursuing their dream—to be singers

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The famous Chilean poet comes to life in an unusual drama with literary ambitions and a wavering focus

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Why Him?

Bryan Cranston returns to a fuming-dad role, with clichéd results


Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence are marooned on a spaceship years from help in this disappointing romantic drama

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La La Land

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling star in a piece of musical euphoria that's as attuned to the genre's past as it is to today's anxieties

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Gutsy rebels, a snarling villain, nostalgic pleasures and politics in a murky shade of grey: It's a satisfyingly gritty Star Wars prequel

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