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A complete guide to the Hyde Park neighborhood

Explore the South Side neighborhood with our guide to Hyde Park's best restaurants, bars and things to do

By Clayton Guse

Posted: Wednesday June 3 2015

Photograph: Martha Williams
Statue of the Republic in Jackson Park

Back in 1893, Hyde Park played host to the World's Columbian Exposition. Today, it's home to one of the most prestigious colleges in the country, one of the best museums and a happening restaurant scene. The neighborhood's gorgeous architecture makes its rich history quite salient. Hyde Park is accessible by way of bus, Green Line, Metra or a quick cruise down Lake Shore Drive. Head to the beautiful South Side 'hood and enjoy all of the culture and entertainment that it has to offer. Here's the best of the neighborhood.

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Things to do in Hyde Park

The best Hyde Park restaurants

New restaurants are opening rapidly in the Hyde Park neighborhood in addition to its enduring classics, which means you've got plenty of great options

The best bars and nightlife in Hyde Park

Hyde Park bars range from music venues to dive bars, with a spot for everyone in between

The best attractions in Hyde Park

Tour one of the city's best museums, revel in some beautiful parks and check out a few free galleries

Where to shop in Hyde Park

Hyde Park has a vintage clothing shop worth the trip from any part of the city, one of the city's top bookstores and a comic book store whose owner diagnoses your comic book needs like a doctor

Hyde Park residents tell us their favorite neighborhood spots

We talked to a group of Hyde Park residents who introduced us to some of their favorite spots in the neighborhood