Chicago's iconic Calumet Fisheries reopens on Saturday

The seafood smokehouse returns after a six-month closure.

Jeffy Mai
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Jeffy Mai
Editor, Time Out Chicago
a box of smoked shrimp
Photograph: Brendan LekanCalumet Fisheries

One of Chicago’s best restaurants is set to return this weekend.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Calumet Fisheries, the beloved eatery in South Deering, will reopen on Saturday after a fire knocked it out of commission six months ago. The iconic Chicago institution is known for its selection of seafood—from fish to shrimp—that are smoked on-site. It’s one of only two wood-burning smokehouses remaining in the city.

Established in 1928, Calumet Fisheries is considered by many to be one of the best seafood restaurants in Chicago. The late Anthony Bourdain visited the roadside shack on an episode of No Reservations in 2009, and the James Beard Foundation honored it with the America’s Classics award in 2010.

Last November, an electrical fire almost destroyed the entire restaurant. Most of the interior and equipment were damaged extensively but fortunately, firefighters were able to save the nearly century-old building. 

Longtime fans don’t have to worry about the experience changing. While the inside has been rebuilt, there still isn’t any seating so diners will have to either eat in their vehicles, on the curb near the 95th Street bridge or on one of the outdoor picnic tables. The bathroom, however, has been upgraded to modern standards.

Salivating yet? Calumet Fisheries will welcome guests back starting at 9am on Saturday and stay open until 9:45pm. 

We’re already looking forward to getting our hands on those fried shrimp and smoked salmon.

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