These are the most overhyped spots in Chicago according to locals

We're not telling you to stay away from them ... but you might want to rethink your itinerary.

Anna Rahmanan
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Anna Rahmanan
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Navy Pier in Chicago
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It is the plight of any urban town to be filled with tourist-prone destinations that locals love to hate. That being said, visitors flock to certain sites for a reason: They're actually cool to see.

So when we asked our followers on Facebook what the most overhyped spots in Chicago are, we took their responses with a grain of salt—sure, "The Bean" might not be deserving of all the attention it gets, but it's still super cool to be able to call it ours.

Below, find some of the most commonly cited over-promoted venues all around us, good fodder for some debate among friends while you're out at dinner this week.

Don't forget to let us know what you think as well!

Navy Pier

By far, Navy Pier was the most referred to spot by respondents, and we don't blame them: Chain restaurants and the types of souvenir shops that locals should really avoid pepper the area, which is usually also filled with tons of people.

That being said, the boat rides that are offered here and the views from the Ferris wheel are pretty awesome, making us wonder if, perhaps, Navy Pier could actually be fun to explore every so often.

The Bean

Ah, "The Bean." Let's be honest: although we like to complain about it, we're absolutely obsessed with it—a feeling that was readily apparent when the destination finally reopened to the public just a few weeks ago following a nearly one-year-long shutdown due to construction efforts. 

Wrigley Field

Given Chicagoans' obsession with the Cubs, we're a bit surprised that the ballpark was even mentioned when discussing overrated local institutions. Perhaps, though, the team's results this season have something to do with it.

Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Company

Known for its unique pizza-pot-pies and grinders, both served inside a historic brownstone, Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Company has always been a tourist favorite around these parts.

Although not the best deep dish pizza in town, the eatery is certainly worth a trip to in our opinion for its unique specialty—especially since it was recently named one of the best pizza destinations in the country.

Au Cheval

Yes, the lines are long but we still consider it one of the best burgers in Chicago.

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