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Photograph: Wendell RemingtonLogan Square

Two Chicago neighborhoods are among the ‘hottest’ in America, according to a new study

Zach Long
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Zach Long

We’ve always known that Chicago’s neighborhoods are among the best in the nation, but it’s always nice to see that opinion shared by others. A new study conducted by Chicago-based apartment-finding service HotSpot Rentals ranks the “Top 25 Hottest Neighborhoods in America,” considering the walkability, transit options, budget requirements, entertainment offerings, lifestyle and weather in each area. In order to calculate each neighborhood’s score, HotSpot Rentals referenced information provided by Yelp, Time Out (hey, that’s us!), Walk Score, TripAdvisor and Apartment List. While they apparently don’t stack up to the Mission in San Fransisco or Bushwick in Brooklyn (the two top-ranked areas), a couple of Chicago ’hoods made the cut.

Wicker Park comes in at number 22 on HotSpot Rentals’ list, getting high marks for walkability (the presence of the 606 likely helps) and access to transit (there are buses and trains galore). Wicker Park’s entertainment score seems oddly low (just 43 out of 100) for a neighborhood with multiple ramen restaurants, a couple of music venues and one of the city’s most beloved patios. Maybe it has something to do with the recent eviction of the Double Door?

Logan Square was ranked 19th in the nation, with high scores in walkability, transit access and budget requirements (it’s expensive, but there are still deals to be found). It also boasts a pretty low entertainment score (only 57 out of 100) for a place where there’s a cocktail bar on nearly every corner.

Neither of these inclusions is surprising, especially when you consider the number of apartment buildings springing up in each of these neighborhoods. There’s no denying that Wicker Park and Logan Square have become desirable places to live, but Chicago is filled with other equally-great ’hoods that are worth spending time (or settling down) in.

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